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Backpage Loves Bitcoin, Ebay Doesn’t – YMB Podcast E81


This is episode 81 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

Today we’re chatting about two marketplaces with very different views on Bitcoin. First up is After being rejected by Visa and MasterCard, the classified ad website now uses Bitcoin almost exclusively. This has driven many of the site’s users into the Bitcoin space for the first time. One Bitcoin broker, Paxful,...

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YMB Podcast E9: The Best Bitcoin Services, Part 2

This is Episode 9! Last week we started a list of our favorite Bitcoin services. Our discussion went on for so long that we had to split the show into two parts, so here is the second half of our exciting list. We start by mentioning a few social Bitcoin services, like the #bitcoin-otc IRC channel. Let's Talk Bitcoin is another podcast that has inspired us significantly, so we pay tribute to Adam B. Levine and his team as well. Later we chat about a few of our favorite ways to buy Bitcoin, like...

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YMB Podcast E8: The Best Bitcoin Services, Part 1

Bitcoin would be useless without the many companies and services that accept the cryptocurrency and make it easier for us to use it. We want to pay tribute to a few of our favorites out there and that is what this week's episode is all about. If fact, our discussion went on for so long that we decided to split it into two parts! Today we will present the first half of our list, which features three retailers that accept Bitcoin and some other services like Android apps. Amagi Metals, Hestia...

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