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Bitcoin Cash Volume Almost On Par With Bitcoin Again

We got some great action from Bitcoin Cash during the night. Lets have a look at the 4 hour chart:

Comment: Here we can see that Bitcoin Cash could form a bull flag before it will make another potential moon shot.

If Bitcoin Cash will break out from this bull flag, Im expecting it to go to 2000 in the next move.

Lets have a look at the daily chart:

Comment: Here we can see that Bitcoin Cash has never closed above 1570 so if we can do that, that would be really bullish.

When it...

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What An Extraordinary Day For Bitcoin Cash (New All Time High)

Bitcoin Cash went up 28% today and set a new ATH at 2841 (on Kraken). It was the star of the day among the big cryptos and it closed near the high as well so this could continue. But lets have a look at the daily chart:

Comment: In dollar terms we are in unchartered territory but we can analyze the price against Bitcoin more easily and see potential resistance levels.

Here it is against Bitcoin (from Bitfinex)

Comment: I have set up 3 targets here. They all correspond to past...

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Bitcoin Cash Is Clearly More Profitable To Mine At The Moment

Here is a quick update on the mining profitability for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Chart from

Comment: Bitcoin Cash is now ahead on all 4 time frames when it comes to the mining profitability. This chart is meassuring this on time frames:


6 hour average

1 day average

7 day average

From the graph you can see that Bitcoin Cash is clearly ahead and last time this happened Bitcoin Cash reached 2600. However, this fluctuate a lot so I would not solely rely on...

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[Breaking News] Latest Bitcoin Fork Is Now Being Traded (Super Bitcoin - SBTC)

I have got some good news for you here. Super Bitcoin is now being traded and I think you will like the price action. But first, if you want to find it, you just go to and type in "super" and it will come up as an alternative (Super Bitcoin ).

Here is the latest price chart:

Comment: As you can see, it is now being traded at $258 and if you own 1 Bitcoin you also own 1 Super Bitcoin. Not too shabby right?

I dont know when it will become available to collect, but be...

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Bitcoin Cash Is Breaking Out To The Upside, 2000 Could Be Next...

We have some great movement in Bitcoin Cash. It has broken out of its bull flag formation. Here is the daily chart:

Comment: You can clearly see that we have broken the upper trendline and in addition to that, the stochastics is at a pretty low level, only at 58 right now, that means that there is a lot of room left to the upside.

My next target is 2000 and why do I say that? Well, lets have a look at the 4 hour chart:

Comment: Here we can see that we had our highest 4 hour closing at...

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Bitcoin Price Analysis - Bullish Move Today, But Are We Home Free?

We finally broke out to the upside today for Bitcoin. We crossed an important trendline both regarding the price and the stochastics. Here is the daily chart:

See my work over at Steemit:

Comment: But there is a lot of resistance in the area between 14800 up to 16000 and what I want next is a daily close above 16000. And why is that you might wonder? Well, the answer is that that is above the last peak and this is something that must be done in order to retest...

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[Breaking News] Mega Accounting Firm PwC Will Start Accepting Bitcoin As Payments

This is some interesting news coming out of PwC, the large acounting firm. They are now beginning to accept Bitcoin as payments. This is what their Asia-Pacific Chairman had to say about this:

“This decision helps illustrate how we are embracing new technology and incorporating innovative business models across our full range of services,” Raymund Chao, chairman of PwC Asia-Pacific, said. “It is also an indication that bitcoin and other established cryptocurrencies have now developed...

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Very High Volume For Bitcoin Cash Today - Is This A Turning Point?

I have got some interesting developments for Bitcoin Cash to show you. Bitcoin Cash is right now up 31% against Bitcoin and this could be the bottom. Lets have a look at the daily chart:

Comment: Look at that volume bar, it is almost at par with the ATH volume day back in the middle of November and we still have 12 more hours to go.

If we will close at this level, we will form a large engulfing sign and that would be very bullish. I also believe that we have set a nice foundation bottom...

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[Breaking News] Bitcoin Gold Just Debuted On Bittrex - Touched 680 USD (Up 450%)

I have got some more breaking news for you here. I just noticed that Bitcoin Gold skyrocketed and went to Twitter to see why and noticed that it has debuted on Bittrex and the price action is extraordinary. Earlier today it was trading at 150 but is now trading around 480 on Bittrex or 0,058 BTC. Here is the hourly chart from Bittrex:

Comment: But what is really interesting is that it touched 0,09 BTC or 680 USD so quite a jump there for Bitcoin Gold.

Lets see where this thing will...

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Bitcoin Gold Price Update - Lower Trendline Is Holding

Today we are going to have a look at Bitcoin Gold. It looks like it is about to make another move to the upside. Here is the daily chart:

Comment: Now, if you follow the lower ascending trendline we can see that we have found support here and we could retest the higher ascending trendline.

But, what is even better is that we do have a stochastic divergence on the 4 hour chart and that is a buying signal. Lets have a look:

Comment: Here we can see that the last low at 151 corresponds...

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