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Million Dollars Per Bitcoin?

Bitcoin price hits new record high, Bitcoin value surging. Will Bitcoin reach $1,000,000 (one million dollars) in the future? Bitcoin a new asset class, global currency, payment system, internet cash, anonymous, fast, cheap

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Bitcoin vs. Fiat Currency

Bitcoin is a decentralized, anonymous, digital-only currency that's lately gotten a lot of public attention. Bitcoin payments are designed to resemble cash transactions more than credit-card transactions. Bitcoin payments have no disallowed merchant category codes (MCCs), no selective payment embargoes, no chargebacks and near immediacy of final transaction confirmation. Accepting the digital Bitcoin currency as a payment method allows merchants to reach customers in over 60 countries not...

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[2017] Best bitcoin investment sites + faucet list

Buy and trade bitcoins/altcoins:

List updated with working websites:

Freebitcoin - 4.08%/year:

BetRobot - 6% daily:

BitGrow - from 7% daily:

bitlap - 0.8% hourly:

Faucets (free bitcoins):



Bitcoin Zebra:

Alien Bitcoins:


Moon Bitcoin:...

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Million Dollar Bitcoins Expected

Bitcoin going to one million dollars soon? Bitcoin expected to rise to over $1,000,000 per Bitcoin, some believe Bitcoin will be accepted as internet cash and as a new global currency alternative to the dollar, paypal, western union, gold, silver, etc

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Bitcoin mining software for Android phones

If you have Android mobile phone you are interested in this software to extract e-currencies to pay, we suggest you click on the link below and download this app and install it. This is a wonderful program.

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World's First Bitcoin ATM

World's First Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus. Virtual currencies are a quickly evolving marketplace. Right now, Bitcoin investors can trade in their coins for cash through a number of sites like Coinbase and BitInstant that work directly with banks to facilitate transfers. Some vendors are starting to accept the coins too, including the blog hosting site WordPress and the online community Reddit.

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Bitcoin mining software for Android

Bitcoin mining software for Android.

To download click on the link below:

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Bitcoin Theme Song! New world Virtual Currency has arrived! is a totally new type of Documentary. Just as Bitcoin is reinventing currency, we are reinventing the way documentaries are being made. You are now the Director.

Help us document history! All Proceeds go towards creating the most in-depth Bitcoin documentary on the planet. Comments to each donation are very much welcome.


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Million Dollar Bitcoin Soon

Bitcoin is big business, Bitcoin price and value is exploding, Bitcoin is gaining acceptance, Governments are approving of Bitcoin, the demand for Bitcoin in China is growing

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Bitcoin payment system of the future

Bitcoin is the world's first online currency, created by Satoshi Nakamoto and used in peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in which the participating parties choose to recognize its value. Bitcoin is a threat to central banking cartels.

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