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Bitcoin Q&A: A voluntary alternative to mandatory currencies

Keywords/phrases: Will Bitcoin become a state-backed global currency? As a reference of value for national fiat currencies. A mandatory one-world currency is statist monolith that can only be supported by war, coercion, and violence. It means one-world authority, one-world governance system. Bitcoin is a global currency, it is the de facto currency of the internet, but it doesn't represent a zero-sum game; it's a choice you have in addition to all the other alternatives that may be prohibited,...

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Bitcoin Q&A: Why I earn bitcoins instead of buying them

Keywords/phrases: Abundance of free speech vs. money / bitcoins. I don't buy bitcoins, I earn bitcoins. There is a fundamental philosophical difference when you earn bitcoins, or any currency in the digital domain, through the fruit of your labour instead of buying them. When you sell your labour for bitcoin, you are adding your productivity to Bitcoin and removing it from fiat currencies, from the traditional sphere of economics. I encourage you, whatever you do, to do it for bitcoins. It will...

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Bitcoin Q&A: Who determines the value of bitcoins?

Keywords/phrases: Who determines the value of bitcoins?

Everyone, through market forces of supply and demand in international liquid markets that operate around-the-clock. A fundamental difference between bitcoin and the USD/GBP/Euro etc. is that trading never ceases; it has been continuous for 7 years. The volatility can be a roller coaster, yet if you look at the long-term trend, volume and transactions go up while volatility keeps dropping. For Argentinians and Brazilians, the price of...

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Bitcoin Q&A: Divisibility and deflationary monetary policy

Paris Merkle Conference

Keywords/phrases: Bitcoin's monetary policy is simulated to resemble precious metals, restricted supply without fractional reserve. 21 million is the maximum number of coins that will ever be created. Bitcoin is not a traditional currency, it is programmable money subdivided by 8 decimal points., or one-hundred million smaller units (satoshis) in every bitcoin. That could fit the world economy. Where supply is restricted, inflation is a problem, deflation is not....

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Bitcoin Q&A: Open source as cross-pollination & consensus through collaboration

Keywords/phrases: The interest of anthropologists drawing similarities between evolutionary biology and market economies. Cross-pollination/ cross-genetic lines or horizontal transfer of DNA between species vs. the open source environment. Different cryptocurrency developers exchanging code ("DNA blueprints") and adopting it. Bitcoin is rapidly progressing. Concepts of basic income. Identity and reputation works best in small communities. They are difficult to scale without collapsing. We can...

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Bitcoin Q&A: The oxymoron of national blockchains

Keywords/phrases: National cryptocurrencies/ blockchains, limited to a national territory, are contradictions of the system. Freedom of speech does not mean you can force people to listen; when you speak, sometimes what you say is boring. You don't get a guarantee of an audience, you only have the right to say something. If governments want to create national blockchains, they are engaging in boring speech that ignores the realities of borderless, open alternative that exists. If you take this...

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Bitcoin Q&A: Where are the exchange-traded funds (ETFs)?

Keywords/phrases: Where bitcoin interfaces with the rest of the traditional financial networks: exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC). Bitcoin is sufficiently alien that it can't be swallowed by the traditional financial system; they have no idea how to handle it because it doesn't conform to expectations, counteracting controls, counterparties, risk management layers, checks & balances. They assume custody, oversight, and control, of which Bitcoin expresses none. What...

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Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin UCL - by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

An academic lecture by Andreas M. Antonopoulos explaining the consensus algorithm, "Proof of Work", used by bitcoin and many other blockchains. This talk was presented in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, at University College London. Andreas is a UCL alum.

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Bitcoin Q&A: The 14nm limit, decentralization, and renewable-energy mining

Keywords/phrases: Do you see the 14 nanometre limit of transistors as a good thing for decentralization? There's been an enormous increase in the hashing capacity of the Bitcoin network and now it's slammed into Moore's Wall. It's a very good thing because it extends the shelf-life of mining equipment from 2-3 months to almost 2 years. Until now, the determinant of success in mining was how many kilometres you were from the semiconductor fabrication lab and how fast you could hook it up to 50...

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Bitcoin Q&A: Will hardware advancements, which centralised mining, help re-decentralise it?

Keywords/phrases: The problem of mining centralization, anti-fragility with decentralization of computing power. How centralization occurred through advancements in mining hardware engineering and connections to silicon fabrication (100-10,000x performance increase). The factor of racism in worries about centralization. Impact of 16nm technology in computer processing and performance, Moore's Wall.

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