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Chris Larsen discusses Ripple

Watch Money & Tech's first episode, featuring breaking news headlines on Charlie Shrem's arrest, Tiger Direct, Russian Banks, BTC in space, and the New York Virtual Currency hearings, followed by an interview with Ripple Labs CEO & Founder Chris Larsen about the digital currency and distributed payment system Ripple, and the ways in which it is both similar to and different from Bitcoin and other emerging digital currencies.

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Tony Gallippi talks about BitPay

Money & Tech's Jered Kenna gets an exclusive interview with BitPay's CEO Tony Gallippi. Watch to hear all about this merchant services company that helps businesses get up and running accepting Bitcoin as a payment option - whether the business is based online, through emailed bills, or in a physical brick and mortar store - and how it can actually be an advantageous alternative payment method to credit cards in terms of fees, low overhead,...

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Texas Bitcoin Conference

Money & Tech attended the Texas Bitcoin Conference last week on March 5th-6th, on the eve of the SXSW Interactive Festival, and spoke with avid exhibitors and attendees about their unique innovations and perspectives in the digital currency world. We heard from Vitalik Buterin, CryptoWoman, HashFast, BitShares, Robocoin with their CoinVault ATM, and many more about everything from bitcoin wallets and ATMs, to the wide variety of items on...

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21 Inc Unveils Bitcoin Computer

The first ever bitcoin computer is here! It's created by a startup called, 21 and they named it the 21 bitcoin computer. Their website says, it's the first computer with native hardware and and software support for the bitcoin protocol. The computer is built for developers -- it includes a copy of the blockchain, a suite of bitcoin enabled programs, and command line interface for prommatically working with bitcoin. Think of it like a custom...

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Trace Mayer on all things Bitcoin

Entrepreneur, investor and early Bitcoin thought-leader Trace Mayer sat down with Money & Tech's Jered Kenna to talk about all things Bitcoin and digital currency, from predictions around the current arrests and regulation conversations, to the benefits of Bitcoin as "the first practical implementation of triple-entry bookkeeping," and the immense possibility of the higher-level decentralized distributed ledger concept, to...

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New York Stock Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Index (NYXBT)

The New York Stock Exchange is now launching a Bitcoin index called NYXBT. It will track daily price movements of the digital currency.

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7/10/14 - Bitcoin gets floating fees, Facebook shuts down Lecpetex & Coinfloor's new Knight

Gavin Andresen announces Bitcoin core protocol version 0.10, Andreas Antonopoulos resigns from the Bitcoin Foundation, Ross Ulbricht loses bid to dismiss Silk Road charges, Facebook takes down the "Lecpetex" botnet, Coinfloor appoints Adam Knight as new executive chairman, Netagio launches a new bitcoin-gold-sterling exchange, Mathias Sundin is the world's first political candidate to only accept campaign donations in Bitcoin, Argentina orders all...

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Which Bitcoin Wallet Is Best?

How secure is your Bitcoin wallet? The Open Bitcoin Privacy Project ranked some of your favorite digital currency wallets in terms of safety and privacy.

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Coinbase Launches Instant Exchange.

Coinbase has launched Instant Exchange. Allowing users to instantly send or receive Bitcoin payments without having to worry about any fluctuations in the exchange rate.

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Marc Hochstein of American Banker @ Inside Bitcoins NY

Executive Editor of daily banking industry newspaper American Banker Marc Hochstein spoke with Money & Tech's Perianne Boring at Inside Bitcoins NY about the reluctance from the commercial banking industry to work with bitcoin and accept bitcoin startups as clients, given the current compliance and regulatory concerns, and the risk of money laundering. Despite these hesitations, Marc thinks bitcoin holds a lot of potential, as more clarity emerges from the regulators.

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