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How to Set Up and Read the Price Charts for Profitable Bitcoin Trading




PLEASE comment below if the sound quality is too bad to hear and follow what's going on. We'll schedule another one if needs be.

Learn how to set up and read the bitcoin price charts and trade the market with confidence. Make money trading bitcoin on the leveraged trading platforms bitfinex and btc.sx


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Bitcoin Price Analysis 27 July 2014


This hangout is about finding more sites that provide an analysis of the bitcoin market and find ways of helping other traders trade the bitcoin market.

Please share your favourite resource for tracking BTCUSD

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Bitcoin Trading with Plus 500

http://harounkola.com/plus-500-bitcoin-trading/ In this video I talk about Plus 500 and my interests in trading Bitcoin with them. I need your help first though by opening an account using my affiliate links and earning me commissions to use in a live account with them.

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What is bitcoin trader and how you can make money from this service


I've been urging my friend and member of my downline Doug to do regular hangouts on air about his bitcoin trader business and I created this video as a quick short example of how I promote the bitcoin trader affiliate marketing business opportunity online.

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How the bitcoin price is rollercoasting this weekend 28 June 2014


I look at he bitcoin price action this Saturday morning. Join me in trading the bitcoin charts.

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Bitcoin-Trader.biz Review


I've been an active member of Bitcoin-Trader.biz for about two months now, I signed up a few months ago but only started investing in February, I was too hypnotised by the topic of leverage trading the bitcoin market.

I know better now and while I will personally go back to mastering the markets, finding Bitcoin-Traderz.biz is like a call from heaven for me, one who's been searching online for years for a reliable way that I can teach to rural...

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Why I stopped Forex Trading and Started Trading the Bitcoin Market


Some time ago, I decided to trade only decentralised markets. This is how I went about it.

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How to sign up for the bitcoin trader passive income opportunity

Bitcoin Trader is a scam

I'm leaving this video up for historical reasons and to remind me of the time I promoted a ponzi scheme and never to repeat that again...

The first step to earning a passive income from bitcoin is to open an account on the bitcoin trader website. This is what you should look out for to be certain you're signing up under me.

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Payfast now accepts Bitcoin as a payment option


Payfast announces that they'll accept bitcoin as a payment option.

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Discussing Day Trading the Bitcoin Markets and The Various Platforms


From AVAtrade to Bitfinex. BTC-e's MT4 platform to Mt Gox. I talk to +shane maguire about his experiences with day trading the market, which platforms he's traded on and how he approaches the market. I'm hoping that +Rob Wilson joins in if he can. Tristan Winters to talk about +ice3x.com and hoping that everyone in my #bitcoin  circle can join in.

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