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March 10 Bitcoin Live price explosion: Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF

Live Bitcoin, Live Poloniex and live 1BROKER Trading: - trade world markets with your bitcoin to see where in the world the bitcoin buying is occuring


Articles found later to explain the reason for the price explosion in Bitcoin: The decision about the Winklevoss Bitcoin Etf

Quoted Tweet:


The SEC...

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How Much Bitcoin Can You Earn GPU Mining?

Is GPU Mining Profitable in 2017? I demonstrate projected monthly bitcoin earnings using the NiceHash Miner for Windows.

Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050

Buy on Amazon:

Best Selling Computer Graphics Card on Amazon - may not be the best GPU Card for cryptocurrency mining profits.

Is it better to buy hashing power? Or is it better to buy the hardware and sell hashing power?

Link to my collection of the best Mining Rigs and Mining Rig...

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Bitcoin Cloud Mining VS Lending Bitcoin - Which Pays Better?

Compare Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pools -

Head to Head comparison - which one makes more money - Bitcoin Cloud mining? or Lending Your Bitcoin for Daily Interest?

(see followup video December 5 -

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Discount Code Coupon


Day 1 Bitcoin Cloud Mining VS Bitcoin Loan Sharking

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New Year Bitcoin/Altcoin Prediction for 2017

Looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest?

My Happy New Year Video Altcoin Prediction for 2017.


Find out why January, February and March will be a bull market for cryptocurrencies.

Included you will find a Dash Price Prediction and a review of the coin market cap for Dash.

Monero Price Prediction with review of Coin Market Cap of Monero

Maidsafe Coin Price Prediction for 2017 with review of Coin market cap.

Bitcoin is the gateway currency bringing...

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Ethereum, Monero, CLAM, MAID, BTC and Bitcoin Cloud Mining ROI - Dec 5 2015

Compare Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pools -

Saturday December 5 Altcoin and Bitcoin Price review - Commentary on ROI of Bitcoin Cloud Mining - and finishes with a special answer to the question "How do I start out trading with little or no money?"

1:00 - Ethereum

1:50 - Monero

2:40 - CLAM

4:40 - DASH

5:50 - Bitshares

6:40 - Ripple

7:40 - NXT

8:46 - VanillaCoin

9:20 - MAID

9:55 - Bitcoin

11:50 - The truth about Bitcoin Cloud Mining ROI (Part...

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IO Digital Currency Trading - Time to invest in IOC Cryptocurrency? April 1/17

IO Digital Currency Trading and IOC Cryptocurrency Investing with LumbridgeCity - April 1/17

Sponsored by

Learn More About Coinigy Charts for your IO Digital Currency Investing:


By accessing this video you agree to

Where to Buy IOC:

Use Changelly to Invest and Exchange IO Digital Currency at the best price:

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Members - of CryptoNote Digital Currencies: XMR BBR XDN XPB

CryptoNote currencies may be the innovation that replaces Bitcoin and other open blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Join our Private Bitcoin Trading Community:

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Grow your bitcoin trading forex, stocks

Learn more -

Grow your bitcoin trading forex stocks indices commodities

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Top Five Digital Currency Movers on Poloniex Exchange - Aug 17/16 Edition

Top Five Digital Currency Movers on Poloniex Exchange

Aug 17/16 Edition, created by

At the end of this video I show how I'm trading a tiny short position on the S&P 500

Learn more here

To Your Success


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