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Altcoin News - Korean Prices Excluded, Bitcoin Bearish, Ethereum, Exchanges Overwhelmed, Overstock

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. In this round of news, we look at the market capitalization as it drops from over $800 billion down to $710 billion due to Korean Prices being excluded from CoinMarketCap. We also take a look Bitcoins future as it starts to look bearish, Ethereum regains its number 2 position in the market with the second biggest market cap. Exchanges adding over 100,000 users per day. Dogecoin passes $2 Billion market cap today. BlackBerry Mobile site...

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Free Bitcoin Mobile Miner Apps? Don't Get Fooled!

There are a lot of Mobile Apps available for Android devices and iPhones that claim to all you to mine for free Bitcoin using your phone. Learn what mining really is, and find out if these apps are a potential scam.

Also, find out which few are actually legit apps where you can mine for cryptocurrency using only your cell phone.

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Buy Altcoins Cheap | Cryptocurrency Trading Tip

By taking a little bit of time before making your coin trades and purchases you can quickly analyze which exchanges would be the cheapest for you to buy or trade Bitcoin or Altcoins.

Not all coins are traded for the same price on all exchanges, and not all coins on the same exchange are traded at the same $USD rate between each type of currency. Sometimes its cheaper to buy something with BTC than it is with LTC or ETH or vice versa. Be on the lookout for these types of buying opportunities...

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Bitcoin Cash Added To Coinbase Price Surge Coming?

Bitcoin Cash has now been added to Coinbase. There has already been a surge in value with Bitcoin Cash BCH as the market responds to the big news. Standby for liquidity on GDAX.

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Bitcoin's First Lightning Payment Successful

A Java Developer just used Bitcoin Lightning Network to successfully complete a payment to his cell phone company. BitRefill is a cellular provider that already accepts Bitcoin as payment, and one customer in particular just made his payment to them using an in-development protocol known as Lightning.

Lightning is one of the proposed scalability solutions for Bitcoin, as well as all of the other coins that are built on the the Bitcoin core. This process allows payments between parties to be...

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Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin? 2018 The Year of Bitcoin?

In my opinion it is not too late to buy Bitcoin even at these prices over $5500 here in middle of October 2017. In this video I go into my reasons why. 2018 will be yet another year for Bitcoin?

Best Hardware Wallet -

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Bitcoin Whales Move Billions Out of Cryptocurrency In Big Splash

After Bitcoin Cash news dropped about Coinbase adding the new cryptocurrency, I watched 30 Billion dollars pull out of the market in a flip of a second. I don't have data on who or why, but I did see it happen. Please share thoughts below. I am now watching more money pour back in through Bitcoin Cash.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Surge Driven By Korea! Should You Buy 1?

Bitcoin Cash price surge appears to be driven by news out of Korea as seen on the markets on Coinmarketcap.

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Best Store of Value For Cryptocurrency? Ethereum - Bitcoin - Litecoin - Bitcoin Cash

The discussion of what is the best store of value for cryptocurrency in the current market conditions. Is Bitcoin still king of can Ethereum Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin take over that title?

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Does Wall Street Fear Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market?

Does Wall Street fear the prospects of the Cryptocurrency Market as the price of Bitcoin continues to drive the market with new investors, it would seem logical to assume that the Cryptocurrency market could be a perceived threat to those who will not choose to move on to the future market cap available to Cryptocurrency.

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