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Buying Your 1st Bitcoin Using and other exchanges

Buying Your 1st Bitcoin Using and other exchanges

This video is walks you through the steps involved for you to bitcoin in the UK. I cover how you you can get started and buy bitcoin from, I explain how you can signup for other bitcoin exchanges such as, and

It describes the best and most secure way for you to store your bitcoin using a hardware wallet like Trezor.

Then I touch on how I make passive income from bitcoin...

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How To Buy Bitcoins In The UK

Buy Bitcoins for Bitconnect and join my team:

Many new starters for Bitconnect keep asking me "How can I buy Bitcoins?" this guide is written from a UK perspective to explain how one can do this.

Some websites where you can buy Bitcoin are:

Even though Coinbase is a USA site, I discuss how people from the UK can sign up quickly without long verification:

To join our Bitconnect team sign up...

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