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How to use the 1Broker API-Trader for Windows! RED EDITION !

Open a Trading-Account at: http://1broker.uk (only for Bitcoin-users)

Try & Buy the API-Trader with Bitcoin at http://app.1broker.uk - Instant Download, Free Support during trading-hours on teamspeak.

1Broker API-Trader for Windows is a professional trading-tool that allows you to become more effective in position-management at 1broker dot com.

The RED-Edition is our most advanced trading-software and features a long list of potentials.

For support & general chat, use TeamSpeak3 and...

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Can the value of ONE BITCOIN really reach $700 000?

2016: Hey guys, check out http://1broker.uk - that is where I (fyrstikken) trade - and for chat, I am on http://connect.stakepool.com - join the clan!

Original Description:

Is it really possible to see the value of the Bitcoin as much as $700 000?

Todays value is: $890 as of November 26th 2013 @ 13:00 New York Time.

Do you find my videos helpful or entertaining? Am I making you rich and satisfied with your investments? Keeping you company through hard times? - Donate to my Bitcoin Wallet:...

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Adam Guerbuez Interviewed about Bitcoin & Bitcoin-Price end of 2015

Start trading indices, stocks, forex & more using BITCOIN on http://1broker.uk

It is fun to make money - and here you get to play with 200 X your money in a margin-system that really moves fast. If you like money, risk & adrenaline-rush, this might just be the lifestyle you want to get acquainted with. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETcsJG13LI8 for more information

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Quatloo-Trader (API Client) is the worlds leading software in crypto-currency coin-trading. It already supports advanced trading on www.cryptsy.com, www.poloniex.com and www.bittrex.com - and now it supports www.cex.io - the worlds largest bitcoin commodity exchange.

The idea behind Quatloo-Trader is to widen the free market, automate tasks and create the most awesome power-tool on the market for professionally trading all kinds of Crypto-currency listed on various exchanges world...

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