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The Bitcoin Game #23 - Mainstream Investing with the Bitcoin Investment Trust

n today’s episode I speak with Michael Sonnenshein, director of Sales & Business Development for Grayscale, one of several companies founded by Barry Silbert. Based on Grayscale's first quarter financials, the total number of Bitcoin Investment Trust shares sold was approximately 1.41 million, which has a value of over $37 million dollars (at the current rate of $265/Bitcoin).

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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #235 Grown Up Conversations

Marc Hochstein speaks out in favor of Bitcoin (and not just the blockchain).

Blythe Masters's Keynote at the American Banker Digital Currencies and the Blockchain Conference

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Buttercoin Co-Founder Cedric Dahl, Open-Source Exchange & Coinbase Co-Founder Brian Armstrong

Excerpt from Let's Talk Bitcoin - Episode 16 (

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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #219 Understanding Payment Channels

Stephanie and Adam question Andreas about Microtransactions, Payment Channels and who holds the power in these new off-blockchain solutions.

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More Small Businesses Accepting Bitcoin & Litecoin - Bitcoins & Gravy Episode 4

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Bitcoin's Many Uses - SovereignBTC Episode 3

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Bitcoin's Greatest Threats - Mad Money Machine Episode 8

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Bitcoin Tool Fest - Mad Money Machine Episode 12

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Ripple & the Deflationary Business Model - Let's Talk Bitcoin Episode 7

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