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Will Bitcoin Survive Black Friday? Overvalued Prices, Bitcoin Diamond, Market Cycles - CMTV Ep92

Today we're taking a look at Bitcoin on a longer time frame to gauge it's movements in the coming weeks, including what buy levels I'll be looking at in case of a dip. We'll also talk about LISK and what it means for evaluating price for coins, Bitcoin Diamond creditability and a market cycle perspective that may help you make better decisions.


Ledger Wallet Discount:

Bitcoin Diamond:...

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Picking Bitcoin Retracement Levels, Amazon + BTC, Diversification, Choosing Risk/Return - CMTV Ep71

Bitcoin is still trying to get it's legs after the recent BTG fork debacle, slowly bouncing down to the 5400 levels. When will it bounce back up? What price is a good price to buy?

We'll also discuss altcoin trends, diversification and how to plan for the huge wins long term.


Amazon + Bitcoin:

AMZN Historical Price:...

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How To Profit From Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) + When To Buy & Sell - CMTV Episode 16

In today's video we'll walk through everything you need to know about Bitcoin Cash and it's (un)surprising surge in the last 24 hours.

Lots of people are feeling big FOMO right now and wondering how exactly they can make money from this crazy volatility.

Make sure you tune in for the full walkthrough as we discuss:

- Bitcoin Cash Arbitrage across exchanges

- Bittrex volume

- What's going to happen with the wallets

- What price to buy at

- What price to sell at

- Should you dump your...

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Bitcoin Hits $3400, Platforms Are The Next Big Thing, What I'm Buying This Week - CMTV Episode 19

Bitcoin Hits $3400, Platform Blockchains Are The Next Big Thing, What I'm Buying This Week - CMTV Episode 19

In today's video we're going to look through the recent BTC explosion that led to an ATH (all time high) and continues to fuel widespread growth.

This is a very exciting and important time to be paying attention to the markets - you'll see a few big winners over the coming weeks as billions of fresh dollars pour into crypto.

Today you will get info on:

- Bitcoin's rise and it's...

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How to Double Your Bitcoins For Free - Bitcoin Cash, LedgerX Derivative Exchange - CMTV Ep 11

The markets are WAY down...but this time it's different.

Full post here:

All the research and market sentiment I'm seeing is pointing to this being about the uncertainty of the coming week, not a deep fear like it was the other week.

Because of this, it's less of an opportunity than previously (for now) but certainly still deserves to be top of mind.

In this video we'll discuss:

- Market...

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Bittrex Opens Bitcoin Cash Wallet! Plus My Trading Mistake + How You Can Profit From It - CMTV Ep 17

As of 9am Pacific time, Bittrex will be opening their Bitcoin Cash wallets, allowing anyone to transfer their BCH in or out.

This will dramatically change the volume of the market for both Bitcoin Cash AND for BTC/altcoins.

In this video, we'll discuss:

- What this wallet will do for the markets + your bank account

- What to do next

- A "test" I tried yesterday that didn't work out the way I wanted

- How you can learn from this

- Using sell volume to make your buying decisions for you


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Altcoins Pumping! Bitcoin Cash Confusion, BTC Price Flux, Next Steps For Hard Fork - CMTV Episode 15

BOOM! Today we had the much anticipated chain "split" with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which has ended up being less than spectacular with Bitcoin prices.

BUT we saw monumental Altcoin prices as billions of dollars flooded back into the small cap market. Many coins pulled in 20%+ in a matter of minutes.

Today we'll break down:

- BTC Price and what it all means

- What to do in the next 24-48 hours

- Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool resources + tracking

- Altcoin picking and trading strategies

- What I'm...

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Bitcoin Hits $7,400?! Trading The Parabolic Effect, Bitcoin Cash, B2X, Investing Tips - CMTV Ep77

Another day, another price explosion from Bitcoin! The volume and price of BTC is beginning to enter the "parabolic" area of the charts where we see fast, huge runs that are emotionally driven. Today we'll talk about how to play this and what it means for buyers, holders and sellers like yourself. We'll also talk about BCH Futures, Bobby Lee's S2X comments and an investing tip for beginners.


Gerard's Elliot Wave Reply:


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Bittrex Shutting Down Accounts? Margin Lending, Bitcoin Price, Altcoin Behaviors - CMTV Ep65

As bitcoin's price continues to move sideways, Bittrex removed a handful of accounts from their exchange last night. It ended up being a very small percentage of users but the lesson is clear - control your own coins.

We'll also dive into margin trading and how it may be affecting the price of bitcoin and, more importantly, the flow of cash with any subsequent price movement.


Bittrex Accounts:...

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How To Trade BTC Value vs USD Value Explained - BTC Retracement, LTC Pump, Futures - CMTV Ep102

A step-by-step walkthrough that shows when you should care about your altcoin's BTC price and when you should care about USD price. After Bitcoin's violent ride up and down, we're seeing a bit of stabilization in price, Litecoin making moves with their marketing and the coming futures trading that will commence in 2 days.


Charlie Lee on Glenn Beck -

South Korea Exchanges:...

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