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Ripple Xrp to hit $100 in 2018

Serious price action will occur when banks start using Xrp on the RippleNet

If you want to get into Bitcoin, Coinbase is a reliable platform to do so, link below.

Then you can setup a Binance account to buy Xrp.

You will need to purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase. On your Binance account, copy your Bitcoin wallet address. On Coinbase send your Bitcoin by pasting your Binance wallet address. Congrats you have just made your first Bitcoin...

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The Ripple Xrp Update Ep 7 - MoneyGram and Ripple Xrp partner up!

MoneyGram is partnering up with Ripple and will utilize Xrp in the form of xRapid. Ripple will now be providing international liquidity on MoneyGram's platform!

Disclaimer - These are my thoughts not financial advice

Start Buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum on Coinbase link below (we will both get free bitcoin):

Keep your cryptos safe with a nano ledger s...

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ep. 1 Ripple Xrp Update - Coinbase rumors, and xRapid Launch

Huge news for Xrp HODLers, we are going to the moon! Japanese banks and Korean banks are starting to roll out xRapid trials tomorrow. We could see some serious price action!

Disclaimer - This is not financial advice, just my opinions

Xrp donations: rpmJvj6yiChPRd5vPnmrpScshJe4RUMDCR

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