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How Will Donald Trump Deal With Skyrocketing Bitcoin - Jeff Berwick on We Are Change

Jeff is interviewed by Luke Rudkowski for We Are Change, topics include: the recent spike in the price of Bitcoin, the first free market money, the US dollar about to collapse, US national debt to top 20 trillion. the war on cash, India and Venezuela, the million dollar bitcoin, capital controls in China fueling the Bitcoin price, Central Bank tomfoolery, Trump to censor the internet, to come out against Bitcoin? fake news debacle, bitcoin and the internet represents a unique time in human...

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Bitcoin, Scam Coins and Stock Trading Techniques with Tone Vays

Jeff interviews former Wall St. trader and now Bitcoin expert, Tone Vays. Topics include: the recent price rise in Bitcoin, Chine exchanges and regulations, block size and transaction processing limit, segregated witness allows for more capacity without increasing the block size, scaling issues, Litecoin to get segregated witness, micropayments, the TDV Summit, Tone's workshop at Anarchapulco, basics of technical/chart analysis, is Bitcoin easier to trade than a regular stock? how did Tone's...

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To Buy Or Sell Bitcoin Cash, That Is The Question - Jeff Berwick on The Crypto Show

Jeff is interviewed by Jonathan Mohan for The Crypto Show, topics include: the recent bitcoin fork and the emergence of bitcoin cash, a very positive result, the beauty of the free market, exchanges not returning bitcoin cash, will BTH become the bigger bitcoin, questions around the segwit technology, segwit 2x activation support and timing, will there be 3 bitcoins? is a segwit bitcoin even still bitcoin? is this an attempt to take over and destroy bitcoin? but what about Litecoin!?...

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We Live In The Matrix & Are All Enslaved Under The New World Order - Jeff Berwick on As You Wish

Jeff is interviewed by James Gilliland for As You Wish Talk Radio. Topics include: defining Anarchy, voluntarism, state programming, state schools, CNN mind control, the beauty of free market interaction, consciousness and money, taxation, most of our wealth is stolen by government, risk of tyranny, free energy, inflation is theft, gold and silver ready to go up, one world government and currency, false flag events, new world order urban planning, the internet vs state control, the battle of...

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Bitcoin, China, Trump and How To Protect From Financial Collapse - Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors

Jeff is interviewed by Elijah Johnson for The Silver Doctors, topics include: Bitcoin in China, free trade leads to prosperity, Chinese capital controls, China trying to slow Bitcoin adoption, capital flight, the crackdown on Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin regulations, a Bitcoin ETF could send Bitcoin's price soaring, Bitcoin usage continues to rise, Trump continuing the foreign wars, global warming, the US economy, US debt and liabilities vs welfare programs, bank bail ins and insolvency,...

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Bitcoin to Become World Reserve Currency? - Jeff Berwick on Podcast

Jeff is interviewed by Bitcoin Brian from, topics include: the coming collapse and the Keynesian cool aid, Bitcoin to become a world reserve currency? Bitcoin at an all time high, the future of Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Cash could emerge as the real Bitcoin, issues with Segwit, the mission of Anarchapulco, life and the free market in Acapulco,The Dollar Vigilante organization and Bitcoin payments, archaic fiat monetary system, buying back into Bitcoin Cash, the EOS token, Anarchapulco...

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Breaking: China To Shutter All Bitcoin Exchanges with Simon Dixon of Bank To The Future

Jeff interviews Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future in Shanghai China. Topics include: negotiations with the Chinese government, Bitcoin exchanges to be closed down, government to embrace blockchain technology, ICOs were getting very scammy, exchange companies to move out of China, China accumulating Gold, China's decision does not effect Bitcoins economics, opportunity to accumulate, will it effect the price, South Korea quickly becoming the largest BTC volume, USDTether, large players...

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The Future of Blockchain and Bitcoin - Jeff Berwick on Freedom's Phoenix

Jeff is interviewed by Ernest Hancock for Freedom's Phoenix, topics include: has Bitcoin been co-opted? techies coders vs business, Shapeshift, growing state power, who are the elite? Blockstream and incentives to make Bitcoin slow, Bilderberg 'investment' in Blockstream, circumventing existing power structures, the battle won't end until central banks are obsolete, Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core, a coming crackdown on centralized exchanges and service, rise of decentralized exchanges, A Bitcoin...

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The Fate and Future of Bitcoin: The Bankster’s Battle for Control

Jeff is interviewed by Vin Armani, topics include: the changing crypto space, globalist influence of Bitcoin, high Bitcoin fees, Bitcoin Cash, paid shilling and 'sock puppetry' to influence Bitcoin, suspicion over efforts trying to move bitcoin away from currency and towards 'digital gold', maybe Bitcoin core is the fork, people moving to Bitcoin Cash, what makes Anarchapulco so good and so different, massive growth in the liberty movement, Anarchapulco 2018, Ron Paul to speak this...

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Libertarian community to buy Chilean real estate with Bitcoins

A farming community in central Chile, called Galt's Gulch Chile, is billing itself as world's first Libertarian real estate project, and it will accept Bitcoins, the online, virtual currency. Jeff Berwick, the group's spokesman and founder of Bitcoin ATMs, blasted the use of the US dollar and "other fiat currencies," and said, "I think land in emerging markets will only increase in value over the coming years." The project is made up of 11,000 acres of land that is prime for farming, with ample...

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