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Best Bitcoin mining hardware comparison for X100 profit ...

What is Bitcoin mining

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Bitcoin mining is a like a solving math's problem. Best hardware tries more attempt per second in the blockchain for answer. The Miner which solve this question get rewarded for the work and Bitcoin get released.

In cloud mining, many computers make a single pool where mining is done by an individual person. According to the bitcoin mining hardware award get...

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7 Ways To Get Free Bitcoins Instantly [Updated in 2017 ...

The Blockchain Game

Blockchain is the famous among the list. You have to submit wallet address and email address for the record.

Like other Game, this Game also shows many ads which are frustrating sometimes. With the earning of this ads, they are able to pay off to you.

You have to just place a block on by one. Block is moving in left and right direction.

The speed of the movement is increased in every step. The blockchain Game is just addictive and way of Free Earning.

The pop...

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How to Buy Bitcoin With Amazon Gift Cards - Coinraja


purse is a SanFrancisco-based company popular for giving service to Buy Bitcoin using Amazon Gift Card.

If you are a beginner in this field, then purse is a good option for purchasing Bitcoin. But if you want to Buy Bitcoin on regular bases then real cash is a good option.

For purchasing Bitcoin at purse you only need two things:

A purse account

Step to Buy Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Card at...

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How to Buy Ethereum in India Instantly - Best site In 2017


personally which site I use for buying Ethereum is etherxindia. It is most trusted and secure site for buying Ethereum. Etehrxindia launched in March 2016, which is the first marketplace for Indian for buying Ethereum. It not only allows you to buy Ethereum but also allow to trade in Ethereum.

But Due to a sudden surge in a number of registrations, Sign-Ups are temporarily put on...

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Best Dash Wallet : Top Way of securing your Dash coin

This post is about Best Dash Wallet.

Now in the current time, the cryptocurrency market is mostly based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although somehow Dash coin does manage to establish a pair of eyes to the investor of the crypto market.

Previously we have given you all the information about Dash coin . Now in this post, we will see the best wallets to store your Dash coin safe and secure. Here we...

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What is Satoshi? How to convert Satoshi in Bitcoin and USD?

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What is Satoshi?

A unit of Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001...

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