Jan 19 3am Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis - possible bottom formation. Nice consolidation triangle formation with a trading channel range within. Bitcoin Price Prediction: Good time to be ready to take a side when prices do break out.

Going long on a break to the upside, or going short on the down side? Be sure to use Rule #1 and Rule #2 in your risk control after you have put on a position.

Wondering how to trade bitcoin once you own some bitcoin? Watch our next few videos as we review the biggest trade...

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ZapChain interview with Airbitz, Bitstamp gets hacked, bitcoin crashes, and 2015 bitcoin predictions

Episode 1 of the ZapChain Bitcoin Show, hosted by Daniel Cawrey. New episodes every Tuesday on ZapChain.com.

In this episode:

- Interview with Paul Puey, CEO of Airbitz. Airbitz is a mobile bitcoin wallet for smartphones.

- Bitstamp gets hacked, almost 20,000 bitcoins stolen.

- Price of bitcoin drops below $300.

- Bitcoin predictions for 2015 + a lucky ZapChain member gets tipped 14,000 bits!

Thank you to this episode's sponsor, block.io. They are the Heroku of bitcoin. http://block.io

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Bitcoin price surges back above 300 - Jan 26 2015

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Bitcoin price analysis of the 1-2-3 bottom formation we saw established throughout the month of January. I am expecting the market to make a consolidation in this area before prices confirm the direction of this new trend.

Bitcoin News Today:

http://gizmodo.com/the-first-licensed-u-s-bitcoin-exchange-will-open-toda-1681757034 - The bitcoin service provider Coinbase is set to make history later today: it's going to...

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The Bitcoin Group #81 - Bitcoin $300, Mastercard Invests in Bitcoin, Bitcoin is Internet 1995

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Price of Bitcoin hits $300 for the first time since July


MasterCard, Bain Capital Ventures, New York Life Invest In Bitcoin Company Digital Currency Group


'Bitcoin Is Where the...

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