Jan 19 3am Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin Price Analysis - possible bottom formation. Nice consolidation triangle formation with a trading channel range within. Bitcoin Price Prediction: Good time to be ready to take a side when prices do break out.

Going long on a break to the upside, or going short on the down side? Be sure to use Rule #1 and Rule #2 in your risk control after you have put on a position.

Wondering how to trade bitcoin once you own some bitcoin? Watch our next few videos as we review the biggest trade...

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Bitcoin Report for February 5, 2015

There are things people don't know about bitcoin and those of us who understand them, should explain them to the rest

That's what I'm doing

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Keywords: bitcoin, documentary, explained, mining, wallet, technology, analysis, anarchy, price analysis,...

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Silver Price Analysis 03/04/2015 - WIll Greece adopt the bitcoin? Non farms payroll day...

Silver price analysis today is a little uncertain. Greek bitcoin news making the metal price volatile and non farm payroll data is today. All I know is it normally causes a significant move one way or the other - my guess is capitulation towards the funnel :) Not buying metals at this price - waiting on a better opportunity - Please thumbs up the video and subscribe - Let's stack smart together!

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Bitcoin price surges back above 300 - Jan 26 2015

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Bitcoin price analysis of the 1-2-3 bottom formation we saw established throughout the month of January. I am expecting the market to make a consolidation in this area before prices confirm the direction of this new trend.

Bitcoin News Today:

http://gizmodo.com/the-first-licensed-u-s-bitcoin-exchange-will-open-toda-1681757034 - The bitcoin service provider Coinbase is set to make history later today: it's going to...

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Bitcoin Price Analysis for Friday, June 12, 2015

Libra (http://libratax.com/) allows traders to calculate their gains and losses automatically, on-demand, through its integrations with major wallets and exchanges.

Today's Featured Exchange: http://itbit.com/

Analyst: Will Binns (https://twitter.com/coderwill)

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Bitcoin price outlook (and my positions) as of July 3rd 2015

Bitcoin price outlook. #BTCUSD

This pair (BTC/USD) shows such beautiful price patterns and it offers a very attractive risk reward ratio as described within a video.

I share some of my learnt experience that the news itself does NOT dictate the direction with the case of recent Greek and the other case in the past.

Also, revealed my owned bitcoin positions so that you can see I am a bitcoin advocate :-)

If you like this video, please leave me a comment which encourage me creating other...

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