Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) Stock – A Quick Look

This video is a quick look at the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) stock sponsored by Grayscal Investments, LLC in New York City. In the video I cover the following: a review of the trust's profile (number of Bitocoin per share, fees, security...), volatility, price action, and the premium of the stock price to the amount of Bitcoin held by the trust.

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Bitcoin is Already Being Traded Over $ 9000!!! See where!

The Bitcoin demand is increasing like crazy in the stock exchange where some financial instruments that represent Bitcoin value like ETF’s and Derivatives, including the Bitcoin Investment Trust, are traded at the moment at very high rates.

The Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group of Barry Silbert, is leading one of the most popular stocks whose adjacent is the Bitcoin price.

Each stock of the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) is represented by 10% of the Bitcoin...

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Bitcoin now trading on the US stock exchange via GBTC, the Bitcoin Investment Trust

Bitcoin made its first appearance in the stock market this past week as GBTC, the Bitcoin Trust, started trading. Volume peaked dramatically toward the end of its first week, and in the second week it reached a market price close to Bitcoin's free market price. Bitcoin now looks to have a notable presence on the US stock exchange.


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What Is Bitcoin Futures ? How Will It Impact On Bitcoin Price In 2018 ??{Hindi}

Hello Friends,

In this video i would like to explain what is bitcoin futures and how will it impact bitcoin price in coming year .

As we all know now that bitcoin will start trading on CBOE and CME group just like any other stock which clearly means now the trust on bitcoins for normal public will increase exponentially .

So this step will help bitcoin awareness and will develop bitcoin as an asset class because till now people invest in bitcoin only for quick money but this step will help...

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Popular bitcoin fund suspended ahead of new eu rules

Popular bitcoin fund suspended ahead of new eu rules

The broker is still allowing investors to buy the popular XBT Bitcoin tracker – a fund that tracks the price of bitcoin.  The fund, offered by a Swedish company, XBT Provider, is structured as an "exchange-traded note". Like the investment trust, this is a fund listed on the stock exchange, meaning it can be bought and sold like a share. Bitcoin has plummeted in price in recent days, dropping 30pc. It fell from an all-time high...

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