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Bitcoin now trading on the US stock exchange via GBTC, the Bitcoin Investment Trust

Bitcoin made its first appearance in the stock market this past week as GBTC, the Bitcoin Trust, started trading. Volume peaked dramatically toward the end of its first week, and in the second week it reached a market price close to Bitcoin's free market price. Bitcoin now looks to have a notable presence on the US stock exchange.


-Bitcoin ETF, Exchange traded fund, Winklevoss Twins, Gemini, Cryptocurrency

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How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinbase 💰

Many people have been asking me how to get started in cryptocurrency, so I made this video on how to get going. I feel Coinbase is the best on-ramp into cryptocurrency and in this video I show you how to set up an account and use it!

Use this Coinbase referal link to get $10 of free Bitcoin after you get going:

How to use MyEtherWallet (my favorite Ethereum wallet):

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On Bitcoin Reaching Block Size Limits

As Bitcoin grows, its blocks are starting to fill up, and thus discussion has been ongoing on how to best handle this. The block size limit is current 1mb per block, 4mb, 8mb and 20mb limits per block are being proposed- I briefly share my ideas on the topic.


Block size limit, blockchain, Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency Investing- Why Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies are among the Best Investments in the World

I pay attention to the best investments in the world and Blockchain technology / Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are at the top of my list for the most potent investments. If you like my video subscribe and I'll keep them coming!

Links to the topics I discussed in the video:

Good Bitcoin metrics site:

Reddit page for Bitcoin:

Reddit page for Dogecoin:


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Future Price Prediction of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

A video on the future price of Bitcoin, and prediction of the value of cryptocurrency technology at large. I've included my favorite model, illustrating a decaying (but consistently averaging triple-digit) rate of growth for years to come.

Previous video on the future of Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies:

Here are the latest graphs by trolololo on bitcointalk:

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Bitcoin Price / Technical Analysis Update 6-6-15

Update on the Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency price and stability as of 6-6-15. for stability charts

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