Million Dollar Bitcoin By 2020? John McAfee Says So

The price of Bitcoin, is on its way up again as it closes in on $15,000 in December 2017. With some speculating a $40,000 Bitcoin by mid 2018. John McAfee says a million dollar Bitcoin by 2020.

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Bitcoin To $1 Million By 2020 According To These Guys!

Is Bitcoin going to one million dollars per unit? A lot of industry experts seem to think so. John McAfee famously said that he would eat his d**k if Bitcoin does not reach 1 million dollars by 2018. James Altucher, the hedge fund manager is confident that Bitcoin will reach 1.000.000 dollars. Also, the PayPal board member Wences Casares is positive about the future of Bitcoin.

So these price predictions from these experts might not mean anything, but what it DOES mean is that there are a lot...

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