Bitcoin book review episode 2 - Decentralized Applications by Siraj Raval

Bitcoin book review (episode 2) - Decentralized Applications: Harnessing Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology by author Siraj Raval

Siraj introduces readers to the brave new world of DAPPS (Decentralized Applications). Siraj is an advocate of IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and recommends using it for building DAPPS.

MISTAKES IN VIDEO - (1) Interplanetary File System is referred to as the...

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From: Nandi Bear

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bitcoin applications in medicine and biotech

Genekam Videos are about bitcoin and blockchain applications for detection, prevention and therapy of different viruses like Influenza viruses, HCV genotyping. zika virus, utusu virus; human monoclonal antibodies and immunology. Genekam is developing applications how to use bitcoin and block chain technology to eradicate the diseases along with giving quick access to lastest developed tests to citizens of this planet.

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From: Genekam Biotech

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Lecture 3 — Mechanics of Bitcoin

Third lecture of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies online course. Course website:

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In this lecture (click the time to jump to the section):

* Bitcoin transactions 1:44

* Bitcoin scripts 11:42

* Application of Bitcoin scripts 27:20

* Bitcoin blocks 42:09

* The Bitcoin network 47:58

* Limitations & improvements...

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From: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Online Course

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[Bitcoin Documentary]Bitcoin--Shape the Future

The first Bitcoin Documentary is presented by BitKan, supported Bitmain, Huobi, Bixin, ViaBTC. “Bitcoin-Shape the Future” includes “The birth of Bitcoin”, “Who is Satoshi”, “Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges”,”Grey area of Bitcoin”,”Risk of Bitcoin”, “Chinese government’s regulation towards Bitcoin”,”Development of Mining machine”, “Where is Friedcat”,”Trendy Blockchain”, “Application of Blockchain Technology”, “Bitcoin Scaling”, “Value and future of...

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