The Current Bitcoin/Blockchain Landscape (Presentation)

Mark Dukas speaks about the following topics...

- Current Bitcoin Landscape

- Amount of VC investing involved in bitcoin

- Funding of companies over time

- Bitcoin and Blockchain Divergence Past 18 months

- What's Driving Bitcoin Evolution

- What's Driving Blockchain Evolution

- Blockchain Landscape moving into 2016 differences between blockchain and existing methods we use

- Companies involved in the bitcoin landscape (major players)

Bitcoin Charlotte...

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Use of Bitcoin in e-Commerce | Bitcoin E-Commerce Services for Merchants

Use of Bitcoin in e-Commerce,

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How eCommerce is Revolutionized by Bitcoin,

How Bitcoin Is Changing Online eCommerce,

Bitcoin and Ecommerce,

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin & Blockchain in Ecommerce,

Bitcoin for eCommerce,

What Are The Benefits of Bitcoin for Ecommerce Websites,


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New Kids on the Blockchain | Lorne Lantz | TEDxHamburgSalon

Lorne Lantz on "New Kids on the Blockchain" at TEDxHamburgSalon (

Lorne Lantz is a passionate bitcoin entrepreneur and educator who has built multiple financial startups that have won awards with PayPal and Swift. He has been programming for over 20 years, and has deep domain knowledge in banking, payments and bitcoin.

Lorne is an O'Reilly bitcoin expert, having co-chaired the O'Reilly Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit and produced educational videos on Bitcoin & the...

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How To Easily Query Bitcoin Blockchain Stats with API

Best if watched in fullscreen 720P

In this video I show how you can easily query live bitcoin blockchain statistics for your website using API.

Get the current difficulty, get the price, get total coins mined and more!

BTC accepted: 1J9ikqFuwrzPbczsDkquA9uVYeq6dEehsj

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How did we get to the current number of bitcoins in circulation?

One of the students of the Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals course asks “How did we get to the current number of bitcoins in circulation?”

In this video, I answer his question and I share with you the process of how the supply of bitcoins is determined.

Find out more about the Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals course at:

For more information about the Blockchain Institute of Technology,

and other course offerings...

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Blockchain - An Emerging Trend in Fintech | Blockchain Technology | Hackerearth Webinar

Participate in # UNITEDBYHCL Hackathon :

About the webinar:

- What is Bitcoin?

- Why use Bitcoin?

- An overview of how Bitcoin/Blockchain technology could help the current financial system

- What Blockchain platform can do via an API?

About the Host:

The Speaker is Kevin Houk. He has been working in the bitcoin industry since 2013, starting as a bitcoin miner. He studied Security and Risk Analysis with the option of Information and Cyber Security at The Pennsylvania...

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Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Investing In Bitcoins with less risk

Stephen S. Poloz is a Canadian banker and current Governor of the Bank of Canada. Here are his thoughts on Bitcoin and why the Canadian Government has already starting using Blockchain technology. #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Ethereum #cryptocurrency

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The Blockchain & Bitcoin Africa Conference 2016 - TAWANDA KEMBO & SIMBARASHE MACHIRIDZA

Topic: The future of innovation using bitcoin and the blockchain in Africa and globally

Tawanda is the lead developer at BitFinance, a bitcoin exchange in Zimbabwe that allows its users to buy and sell bitcoin and currently the sole enterprise in Zimbabwe that is not only exploring bitcoin technology but also exploring its use in business. Simbarashe is the legal counsel for BitFinance.

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