Bitcoin Price Analysis 3rd November 2017 ll Current prediction before segwit2x

In this video i have collect some Analysis Data of bitcoin i have just made a estimated point of views on Bitcoin price will drop to $4200 to $2700 as i think as per last 3 Years Analysis

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Bitcoin #1 - Bitcoin price will drop More - bitcoin price prediction 2017 - cryptocurrency trading .

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Today I wanted to share my opinion and some knowledge on the current drop in the price of Bitcoin. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Bitcoin Falls Under $14,000 -Dec 22nd Cryptocurrency news

Most of the leading cryptocurrencies are currently in the red. The price of bitcoin has dropped below $14,000. So are people losing faith in Bitcoin? There are a lot of big names out there which are supporting bitcoin cash now, such as Roger ver who calls himself the first investor in bitcoins start-ups, he has also been referred to as bitcoin jesus in the past. He is now a major advocate of bitcoin cash and says that it is the real bitcoin. So we watched bitcoin cash really grow this week,...

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