Gavrilenkov: The exchange rate band is a virtual concept

It's hard to believe the forecasts that the USD/RUB exchange rate will reach 70 roubles to the dollar, commented Evgeny Gavrilenkov, Chief Economist at Sberbank CIB, in an interview with TV channel Russia 1. The exchange rate band is more of a virtual concept than anything else as every time currency exchange rates have reached their thresholds the Central Bank has widened the boundaries of the band. There is no reason to believe that the rouble will perform in the same way as such forecasts if...

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From: Lina Alnadi

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Episode 1: What happened to Coinbase? The Bitcoin Cash Rise Coming Soon

Episode 1: What happened to Coinbase? The Bitcoin Cash Rise Coming Soon

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Bitcoin Vending Machine your way to virtual currency

With the current exchange rate at just over R4000 to a bitcoin, it's still too early to tell what lies in store for the virtual currency -but it is at least making inroads into Africa. South Africa's first bitcoin vending machine was recently installed in centurion letting you change our physical rands into digital dollars.

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How to Buy Bitcoin - Best & Safest Websites to Buy/Purchase BTC -

How to buy bitcoin (BTC) online, tips on best websites to purchase bitcoins instantly, anonymously, with your credit card, debit card, Paypal, Visa or pre-paid cards ( Expert on bitcoin technology ( Ross Blankenship shows you where you'll get the best rate to buy/sell your BTC virtual currency. Some of the best bitcoin, ethereum and virtual currency exchanges include Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken and Poloniex. #Bitcoin, #BTC, #BuyBitcoin,...

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Free To Play Mobile Monetization 2.0 | Brian SAPP

Today's highly competitive mobile gaming environment favors developers who delicately balance engagement while maximizing monetization. In this presentation Brian Sapp, Tapjoy's Director of Developer Partnerships, will discuss the next evolution in mobile gaming "Monetization 2.0." Moving beyond the 'paywall and virtual goods sales' of early mobile games, today's monetization requires a higher level of sophistication. From limited time events, to currency sales, to correct virtual good pricing,...

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EU banking regulator warns of virtual currency risks

The European Union banking regulator has warned of the potential risk of using virtual currency Bitcoin, which consists of program code and is not regulated by any country.

The European Banking Authority is concerned that the currency does not offer protection to its consumers or mechanism for compensation. The regulator emphasized that digital currencies are facing sharp fluctuations in exchange rates, and that the Bitcoin market price has varied between less than $300 to over $1000 per unit.

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