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Virtual Currency Trading: The Past And The Future | Autumn RADTKE

As consumers become ever more immersed in virtual worlds, we all know that creating a stable and viable in-game currency is vital to making players comfortable investing in virtual worlds. The next step comes when you enable your players to treat your virtual currency as real currency in a controlled and authorized manner to reduce fraud and unsanctioned trades.

The secondary market for virtual goods trading is worth 4 billion globally primarily taking place in the Asian MMO market, but how...

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Free To Play Mobile Monetization 2.0 | Brian SAPP

Today's highly competitive mobile gaming environment favors developers who delicately balance engagement while maximizing monetization. In this presentation Brian Sapp, Tapjoy's Director of Developer Partnerships, will discuss the next evolution in mobile gaming "Monetization 2.0." Moving beyond the 'paywall and virtual goods sales' of early mobile games, today's monetization requires a higher level of sophistication. From limited time events, to currency sales, to correct virtual good pricing,...

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EMERGING TRENDS: Virtual Micro-Currency and Why it Matters | Ari MIR

The advent of virtual currencies with the rise of Bitcoin and others of its ilk is changing the way we interact with money as consumers, businesses and countries. Virtual micro-currencies have been popular in social and mobile games but are now broadening their sphere. It is not only paid micro-currencies but earned micro-currencies as well that are causing game developers to view their ecosystems in a different light. This talk will focus on the benefits of virtual micro-currencies, trends and...

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Monetization of Digital Goods: How to Maximize Profits from In-game Purchases | Lex BAYER

The ever increasing number of virtual goods being purchased by gamers represents exciting new monetization opportunities for developers.

How can game developers best capitalize on this global trend towards in-app purchases? How should you price your virtual goods and virtual currencies? What payment methods should you offer and when? How can you optimize your conversion funnel?

These and other topics will be explored in this lecture, which will draw upon examples from leading companies in the...

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