IAP Manager Pro: Basic Setup & virtual currency

Asset Store: http://u3d.as/EJ0

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup virtual currency and

create UI to display the amount of virtual currency.

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From: Digicrafts Administrator

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First Bitcoin Store Opens in China

The world's first Bitcoin store opened in Hong Kong Friday. Bitcoin is similar to Paypal, and allows the holder of the Bitcoin to make transactions with no middle man, and no banks. One Bitcoin is worth $566 right now, and the value changes, similar to stocks.The CEO of the exchange behind the store said he believes an actual store will help break down some of the obstacles to people adopting the virtual currency.The store opened despite scrutiny over the virtual currency.Bitcoin will either be...

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From: NBC 15

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Medallas, Pesos y La Tienda Virtual

Completing missions successfully (mastery) earns you pesos (Virtual Currency) and Badges (achievements). This occurs when you defeat the bosses at each mission.

The pesos (Virtual Currency) can be spent en “La Tienda Virtual” the virtual store

The more difficult the mission the bigger the reward

The virtual store allows the player to purchase various virtual items which give the player status, power or access. For example players can earn the ability to open secret missions, play special...

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From: Irvspanish

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Tokia ICO Review : Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange

Tokia ICO Review : Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange who is offering Tokia Direct Debit Card and a Multi Currency blockchain wallet

Visit them here: https://goo.gl/FKu6Wx

The three components create synergies with each other: Multi-currency blockchain Wallet

enables users to store and manage all of their crypto assets that get traded on the exchange

and get spent via the debit card from one convenient location; Direct debit card allows users

to use virtual currencies in every day life,...

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From: The Cryptoniac

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Bitcoin Vending Machine your way to virtual currency

With the current exchange rate at just over R4000 to a bitcoin, it's still too early to tell what lies in store for the virtual currency -but it is at least making inroads into Africa. South Africa's first bitcoin vending machine was recently installed in centurion letting you change our physical rands into digital dollars.

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From: CNBCAfrica

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GM2V Gamer Online Store

Gm2v.com is an online games store of Virtual Currency, Items, Accounts and Power Leveling. We are committed to offer outstanding product services! Welcome to purchase!


It's easy to share your experiences by writing reviews on Gm2v! Help everyone have better shopping experiences.



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How to purchase LoCoins for Locus Store

LoCoin is virtual currency used for purchasing professional topo maps and other products in Locus Store, an in-app store of Android map application Locus Map. This video shows how to purchase LoCoins via Google Play.

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From: Locus Map

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Apple to Allow Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currency

It seems that Apple is finally taking a position on Bitcoin.

The new App Store Review Guidelines allows payment with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Analysts speculate this is the year for Bitcoin to reach relative mass adoption. Apple's latest policy can just help it happen faster.

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