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Bitcoin hits $15,000 for first time, jumps over 50% in just one week

The rally came just a day after the virtual currency, which has been used to buy everything from an ice cream to a pint of beer, hit the $12,000 mark for the first time, while it has soared more than 50 percent in value in just one week.

Dec 07, 2017, 16:13 PM IST

The head of collapsed Bitcoin exchange MtGox was facing fresh...

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Date: 2017-12-20 04:27:27

How To Make Money in Bitcoin with USI-Tech -

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How To Make Money in Bitcoin with USI-Tech

You've probably heard a lot of stories about Bitcoin in the media, and wondered how you too could become part of the crypto-currency revolution. The good news is that Bitcoin mining and trading�is now more accessible and affordable than ever before. In fact, USI-Tech now offers a way to partake in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency without...

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Bitcoin Price Analysis for 29th May 2017 - Deep Dot Web

Is Bitcoin in a Bubble?

Bitcoin was back in the news this week, after another strong rally to a new all time high of $2760 on May 25, 1430 UCT. Bitcoin continues to prove critics wrong and rope in new investors, speculators, news anchors and traditional wall street money. ABC news Australia had a news segment 3 days in a row, showing Bitcoin alongside gold, brent oil, iron ore and major...

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Ransomware and Bitcoin Enter New Phase -

The phenomenal appreciation in Bitcoin's value against the dollar, up roughly 18x in 2017 and 4x since September, gives us pause to consider - from a security perspective - what this might mean for ransomware in the near and distant future.�

Ransomware and Bitcoin Codependency

It is not an exaggeration to say that without each other, ransomware and Bitcoin might not exist at all. I think it's...

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Date: 2018-01-30 19:03:19

The Secret World Of Bitcoin - Stock Market News, Finance ...


The Secret World Of Bitcoin

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List Of Cryptocurrencies in India Best to Invest ...

List Of Cryptocurrencies in India Best to Invest

List Of Cryptocurrencies in India Best to Invest


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After extreme variations in bitcoin price, everyone is getting interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies! But apart from bitcoin, there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies in the world. Even you can create your own cryptocurrency. Now you might be thinking if there are 900...

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Must know: Top rated Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

It is necessary that you treat your investment in digital currency with speculation just like you do in your regular investments.

�With growing usage and limited supply, cryptocurrency is on a boost and will only grow in the future years.

Cryptocurrencies have become the new fad among money minters and investors alike. Many of these people are using cryptocurrencies to invest their money in...

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Bitcoin Recognized As Currency In Japan »

As of April 2017, Bitcoin is now recognized as an official currency in Japan. The change�is due to a new law�which categorizes the cryptocurrency as a legal payment option.

The Good Part

New money will be flowing into the�global cryptocurrency ecosystem. In this regard the recognition of Bitcoin as money is a good thing. As adoption increases, demand for Bitcoin will drive the price up....

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Analyzing Ethereum, Bitcoin, and 1200+ other ...

Analyzing Ethereum, Bitcoin, and 1200+ other Cryptocurrencies using PostgreSQL

Cryptocurrencies are fueling a modern day gold rush. Can data help us better understand this evolving market?

Update: Thank you everyone for making this #1 on Hacker News!

Read the HN discussion here .

Lately it seems like money has been growing on trees.

With trade volumes reaching billions of dollars a day and market...

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18 new IT jobs created by Bitcoin and blockchain ...

Searches for jobs mentioning blockchain, Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency jumped more than 1,000% in the past two years, according to Indeed.

By Alison DeNisco Rayome | December 12, 2017, 4:00 AM PST

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As bitcoin and blockchain are poised to revolutionize many businesses, employers and job candidates alike are investigating how cryptocurrency-related positions could be of use to their business.

Searches for jobs mentioning blockchain, bitcoin, or cryptocurrency jumped more than...

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Bitcoin Soars Above $17,000, Fuelling Worries And A ...

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Bitcoin Soars Above $17,000, Fuelling Worries And A Worldwide Frenzy

Many industry experts warn that the United States is not prepared for bitcoin's entry into the financial markets.

Business | © 2017 The Washington Post | Renae Merle, The Washington Post | Updated: December 08, 2017 08:19 IST


Bitcoin has gone up more than 40 percent this week alone



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Date: 2018-01-11 22:48:07

Bitcoin Maintains Market Share After Digital Currency Split

Bitcoin Maintains Market Share After Digital Currency Split


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Bitcoin Prices Survive Hard Fork

After reaching $2,900.00 on the day of the fork, bitcoin prices have stabilized north of $2,700.00. The BTC/USD traded within a $23 range on Thursday, retaining a market cap of roughly $45.2 billion.

The digital currency's technical...

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Chart: The Coin Universe Keeps Expanding - Visual Capitalist

Chart: The Coin Universe Keeps Expanding

Bitcoin's record year is just a part of the big story

Note: This post was updated June 27th, 2017 with current values for all cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, and its meteoric rise has made it a mainstay of conversation for investors, media, and technologists alike.

In fact, the innovation of the blockchain is changing entire...

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Bitcoin Cash Price | BCH Price - Stock Market News ...

Bitcoin cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that started 1 August 2017.

As the name suggests, it's related to the original cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC).

In fact BCH is what is known as a 'fork' of BTC. A fork is when a cryptocurrency shares a history with another cryptocurrency up to a point, before going off in a different direction.

Think of it like a fork in the road.

This is due to technical changes in the way the new cryptocurrency works.

Why did they fork?

Throughout 2017 there has been a lot of controversy in the bitcoin community on how to scale bitcoin.


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Making a Living Day Trading Cryptocurrency - Chain Operator

Now continue reading :)

My first month as a cryptocurrency trader

At this point I still owned Ethereum and the price was still swinging back and forth. Since I needed an income and didn't want to get a job, it was time to try this trading idea. But I set a strict requirement that if I didn't earn enough money to pay my rent after a month, I'd quit trading.

It's fourteen months later and I'm still...

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Explained: Bitcoin and its dramatic plunge in value today

Regardless of your views of the Bitcoin currency, it's become large enough and in enough market flux at the moment that we need to pay it mind. Today news is out that a major Bitcoin 'wallet' has shuttered. Also, market disruption caused the price of Bitcoin to fall�precipitously.

Just as the currency of a country falls in value in relation to other currencies when its banks begin to encounter...

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$1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Giveaway

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Plus, you'll discover why China's cryptocurrency exchange and ICO bans are a major buying opportunity...

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Bitcoin digital currency smashes all-time high of $6,500 ...


Bitcoin digital currency smashes all-time high of $6,500

Shrugging off fears of a possible price crash, the cryptocurrency has reached another record high. Despite climbing more than 500 percent in a year, institutional investors remain skeptical about its prospects.

Just 13�days after it breached the $6,000 (EUR5,156.40)mark, the price of Bitcoin has hit $6,591, the digital currency...

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