Bitcoin for Merchants: Lesson 1 - Why Accept Bitcoin

The first lesson of our Bitcoins for Merchants course. Explains why you, as a merchant, would want to start accepting Bitcoin at your place of business. The remainder of the course can be viewed online, free of charge, at

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Unocoin turns 3 with #bitcoin!

Unocoin is India's leading #bitcoin company. We enable users to buy, sell, store, use & accept #bitcoin securely in India.

This year Unocoin has turned 3 successfully accomplishing 1,00,000 user signups and extends the celebrations to the users with 0% transaction fee offered up to the end of the year 2016.

Start downloading the new Android and iOS application from the store to buy, use & accept #bitcoin.

Onboarding about 1500 merchant services to accept #bitcoin as a payment method, Unocoin...

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[Breaking News] Mega Accounting Firm PwC Will Start Accepting Bitcoin As Payments

This is some interesting news coming out of PwC, the large acounting firm. They are now beginning to accept Bitcoin as payments. This is what their Asia-Pacific Chairman had to say about this:

“This decision helps illustrate how we are embracing new technology and incorporating innovative business models across our full range of services,” Raymund Chao, chairman of PwC Asia-Pacific, said. “It is also an indication that bitcoin and other established cryptocurrencies have now developed...

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Hallelujah! Swiss Church to Accept Bitcoin Donations

Hallelujah! Swiss Church to Accept Bitcoin Donations

Jeff Francis · January 19, 2018 · 8:30 am ICF Church, an evangelical church in Zurich, Switzerland, is set to begin accepting Bitcoin donations from its parishioners. The common assumption with most churches is that they’re conservative and are beholden to time-honored traditions. While this is often true in many regards, a number of churches are actually quite keen on adopting the latest innovations that technology has brought to bear....

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Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations!


To support our work by making a Bitcoin Donation go to

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Bitcoin News 12/8/2017: Surf Air Joins the Growing List of Private Airlines Accepting Bitcoin

These days bitcoiners can do a whole lot more with their ‘digital gold’ as there’s a broad range of merchants opting to accept bitcoin every day. Now this week one of the leading “All-You-Can Fly” air travel providers, Surf Air, has announced it is accepting bitcoin and ethereum for monthly memberships and charters.

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Million Dollar Bitcoin Soon

Bitcoin is big business, Bitcoin price and value is exploding, Bitcoin is gaining acceptance, Governments are approving of Bitcoin, the demand for Bitcoin in China is growing

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New Bitcoin Bitcoin-accepting expedia to accelerate its global expansion - bitcoin news


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KCN: Japanese market to accept bitcoin

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Increasing of demand for cryptocurrency. The Japanese market has added a significant number of bitcoin merchants past year. By the end of 2016 there were over 4,200 bitcoin-accepting shops. Rapid increase in the acceptance of bitcoin by merchants can be attributed to the Japanese government’s recognition...

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Bitcoin Shopping Methods!

In this video, I go over several methods on how to spend your Bitcoin. Either with a Visa Debit card, online sites that take it directly, or methods to spend your Bitcoin indirectly at retailers that don't accept Bitcoin.

Site with many sites that take Bitoin:

BitPay Visa Debit Card(3% fee)

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