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It's been a week (or two) since my last post, and BOY has a lot happened!

Alts are still stagnant (hey, what are you gonna do)

Bitcoin (BTC) crashed... and recovered

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) had the bulliest run of the month!

That's some pretty eventful crypto stuff (apart from alts fluctuating in what appears to be normal ranges these days).

What are we learning from these moves?

Bitcoin Cash is...

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Exodus Status

December 5th, 2017 @ 2:25 PM Pacific Time: There is a widespread delay for a few Ethereum-based (ERC20) tokens. Because we do not want users to be without funds in these fast-moving markets we have temporary suspended exchanging the slow moving assets. We have noticed customers exchanging these assets experiencing delays for 24 - 48 hours. Each of these asset delays are described in detail...

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1 Btc To Usd Daily Chart - btcguard.net

1 Btc To Usd Daily Chart

Crypthatcurrency varyer request put up to you convert option cryptocurrencies to respectively other, something like a. Buy bitcoins! All exchangers. Buy Bitcoin represent the lowest proposition possible! We assess 0:2 20 exchanges that facilitate announce the highest BTC rates represent the allowance machine you nonattendance to application. Who converts Sawith the aim...

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Instacoin - Bitcoin ATMs - Buy Bitcoins Instantly with ...

SCAM WARNING: The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not accept Bitcoin.

Do not send bitcoins in response to requests purporting to be from the CRA. Get more info

Instacoin The Bitcoin buying problem solved

Instacoin machines are the hassle-free way to exchange cash for Bitcoin.


Simple buy & sell process and immediate transactions


No need to...

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Instacoin - How to sell Bitcoin

Selling Bitcoin at a ATM in exchange for CAD$

Before you go...

You will need to receive a security code via text message.

1. Find a 2-way machine

Although we are moving towards allowing selling at all locations, currently some do not.

2. Choose the Sell Bitcoin option

3. Choose an amount of Bitcoin to Sell

Enter a value in $20 CAD increments of the Bitcoin that you would like to sell. Press SELL...

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Website: https://www.instacoinatm.com

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Exchanges - buyingbitcoin.ca



A full list of major Canadian bitcoin exchanges, their associated benefits and withdrawal/deposit options is featured below.  Bookmark this page for quick and easy reference.

QuadrigaCX  -- Headquartered in Vancouver, QuadrigaCX  is the largest and most respected exchange in Canada.  To ensure the highest level of customer service for QuadrigaCX customers, all QuadrigaCX...

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How it Works - Canadian Bitcoins

What is and where can I get an Ethereum Wallet? We don't have a recommendation, try google.

Do deal with any other CryptoCurrencies other than Bitcoins and Litecoins and Ethereum? Currently, no.

Why real cash? Because like Bitcoins/Litecoins, its 100% irreversible. There's No chargebacks, No stolen credit cards, No scams.

Can I cancel my order after I've sent payment? Yes, as long as we haven't...

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Website: https://www.canadianbitcoins.com

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What Is Bitcoin? 11 Things You Need To Know About The ...

What Is Bitcoin? 11 Things You Need To Know About The Digital Currency

01/26/2014 11:21 EST | Updated 01/26/2014 11:59 EST

Sunny Freeman National Business Reporter, The Huffington Post Canada

The rise of Bitcoin marks the first time you've probably heard the words "trendy" and "currency" uttered in the same sentence. And given the momentum it's seen lately , both in international headlines and on...

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