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Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator

Projections incorporate difficulty growth and reward halving. Update the difficulty, mining, and market parameters below to recalculate the tables and charts.

Parameters & Assumptions

Also, don't miss the interactive charts below.

Output at Current Difficulty

Time per block (solo mining): 18.9 years


Avalon 6 (3.5 Th/s, 1050 W)

Cloud Mining at HashFlare :


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Bitcoin's Future Is Bright: The Price Drop and Evolution

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Last updated on October 13th, 2017 at 09:52 am

As I am sure that 99% of the people reading this are aware, Bitcoin recently dropped significantly in price, and at a rather quick rate. This did not surprise me, as Bitcoin has traditionally followed a pattern of volatility, followed by stabilization, followed by more volatility. What did surprise me was the reaction from so many in the...

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The powerful Bitcoin mining rigs you can buy in South Africa

Mining cryptocurrency can be a good way to earn passive income, although it does require a large upfront investment.

While Bitcoin remains a popular choice among miners, there are various other currencies which are accessible to enthusiasts with a more limited...

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Proceeds received by the Trust from the issuance and sale of Baskets, including the Seed Baskets and the Shares (which are described on the front page of this prospectus), will consist of bitcoin deposits. Pursuant to the Trust Agreement, during the life of the Trust such proceeds will only be (1) held by the Trust, (2) distributed to Authorized Participants in connection with the...

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Something that's cool!: Bitzfree - Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitzfree is a free cloud mining service (game) supported by ads and aims to spread the Bitcoin revolution. Users are given 20.00 initial SHA-256 Cloud GHs mining power for signing up. Each time you login you will be rewarded with some bonus points. To increase your GHash/s, you can convert your bonus or mined Bitcoins to GHs. And you can steal (hack) other users' GHs. You can also deposit some...

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Date: 2017-12-18 13:19:26

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Litecoin Mining in 2018 • Litecoin Mining ASIC • GPU0


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We're expanding into Litecoin mining in 2018. As the value of a few ASIC-mineable cryptocurrencies began outpacing the difficult in mining them we started looking at options to diversify a bit. As things developed, we made the decision to give Litecoin mining a go.

The case for Litecoin mining in 2018

As far as ASIC mining goes, we were focused on the paths of three...

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Price Analysis for Bitcoin Cash, IOTA and Litecoin - 2018 ...

Nathan Maxwell

2017 is without a doubt the year of Bitcoin and currently it is the most valued and demanded cryptocurrency of the market with a current price of $ 16125 dollars according to CoinMarketCap.

Thanks to its growing popularity, many people have been interested in investing in the crypto market bringing huge profits for all cryptocurrency users that have invested early in 2017. Few...

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Bitcoin Cash Plus - The Best Money in the World

Bitcoin Cash Plus brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash". Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development. All Bitcoin holders as of block 501407( about january 2nd ,2018 7am) are also owners of Bitcoin Cash Plus. All are welcome to join the Bitcoin Cash Plus community as we move forward in creating sound money accessible to the whole world..

Bitcoin Cash Plus

Transact in seconds. Get confirmed in minutes


A network that...

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Date: 2017-11-26 14:28:05

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Zcash Vs Usd - Bitcoin Mining Pool Open Source - YouTube

Zcash Vs Usd - Bitcoin Mining Pool Open Source

more, here:

Coupon code to get 10% off-- 5510B64A

crypto-currency bitcoin is genuinely a...

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What Is Litecoin? The Facts About the Hottest Bitcoin ...

Why IOTA could be the next Bitcoin

How is Litecoin different from Bitcoin?

The major benefit to investing in Litecoin over Bitcoin is the transaction speed. Litecoin blocks (or transactional histories) can be generated four times faster than Bitcoin blocks, which makes buying and selling Litecoin extremely fast. Because of the improved transaction speed, Litecoin's blocks are also bigger and can...

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FUD Or Real Conspiracy To Destroy Bitcoin ... -

Join Binance Exchange Here! Join Kucoin Exchange Here! Mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies DAILY with HashFlare!.

Bitcoin Cash had one of the CRAZIEST pumps in recent memory, rising...

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Bitcoin Mining Game - Welcome!

Check out and play a fun new game that simulates mining for Bitcoin and Ethereum!

You can even withdraw your earnings to a real wallet!

DigForBitcoin the Bitcoin Mining Web...

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Accept Bitcoin payments quickly, reliably and easily – Mollie

Accept payments from customers from anywhere in the world.

Receive euro's

Merchants receive corresponding amount in euro's.

No wallet required

No Bitcoin wallet required to accept payments in bitcoins.

Low cost

Only pay per successful transaction. No hidden costs, ever.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, money which only exists digitally, created specifically to be irretrievable when...

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Bitcoin Billionaire – Noodlecake Studios › Games

press kit

Bitcoin Billionaire

An idle clicker that's all about raking in bitcoins and building up a massive fortune! Quick! Sit down and start tapping!


developed by Fizzpow

Quick! Sit down and start tapping!

Bitcoin Billionaire is an idle clicker that's all about raking in bitcoins and building up a massive fortune! You start with almost nothing: a run-down office, a rickety old...

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What is Bitcoin Blockchain and How Does it Work? | Toptal

Bitcoin blockchain is the technology backbone of the network and provides a tamper-proof data structure, providing a shared public ledger open to all. The mathematics involved are impressive, and the use of specialized hardware to construct this vast chain of cryptographic data renders it practically impossible to replicate.

All confirmed transactions are embedded in the bitcoin blockchain. Use...

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Riot Blockchain Closes Acquisition of 1,200 Bitcoin Mining ...

Riot Blockchain Closes Acquisition of 1,200 Bitcoin Mining Machines

Riot Blockchain Names John O'Rourke as Chairman and CEO in Conjunction with Transaction

News provided by

Nov 06, 2017, 08:00 ET

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo., Nov. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Riot Blockchain, Inc. (Nasdaq: RIOT ) (the "Company") today announced that it has closed on its acquisition of cryptocurrency mining...

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Date: 2017-12-20 03:03:05

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The War of Cryptocurrencies: Ripple vs. Ethereum vs. Bitcoin

Smaller cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly appealing to financial institutions, but the question is can they overthrow Bitcoin as the world's largest digital currency?

We have recently written about the surge in price of Bitcoin. However, there are a big number of other digital currencies as well, trying to overthrow Bitcoin as the most-used and accepted currency of the internet, and the...

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Cryptocoin Mining Parts – Mining Machinery and Parts

Terms and Conditions

Mining Shop

Welcome to Mining Bits, your one stop crypto coin mining shop, based in the United Kingdom we aim to stock parts and accessories as well as machinery to get you mining quickly and efficiently, as we are EU based, we can get the parts you need fast, ensuring the minimum downtime for your mining activities, our service is unbeatable, due to the nature and...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin. Is It a Good ...



Almost everyone knows about Bitcoin�or at least heard about it.�As Bitcoin constantly hits its all-time high and dominate headlines, you might be wondering whether you should invest in Bitcoin. Here I outlined several reasons why it is worth investing in Bitcoin. Read on and find out if it is still a good time to buy Bitcoin.

Disclaimer: The content on this site is provided as general...

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Review of Free Bitcoin Mining - BTC Miner Pool : Scam or ...

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Download the best bitcoin miner on the market and use blockchain platform to make all of your dreams come true, so start using your time effectively with our outstanding app?!


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Value of bitcoin cash predictions for 2018 and beyond

Bitcoin cash predictions for 2018

ForexNewsNow | Published on November 22, 2017 at 6:25 am


The most recent and sudden surge in the value of bitcoin cash proved one thing - there is a lot of demand for the altcoin. When it first forked from bitcoin in August, even I predicted that it would fade over time, but the opposite has actually become true. Instead of languishing with other mediocre...

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($2.36 MIOTA/USD) IOTA Price Live, Chart & Markets

Hyperledger Releases Sawtooth 1.0

6 minutes ago on

Hyperledger is a collaborative cross-industry effort to advance blockchain technology that is hosted by The Linux Foundation. Today, January 30, 2018, sees the release of Sawtooth 1.0, the second active Hyperledger project to reach 1.0, following Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 in July 2017.Sawtooth is a modular platform for building,...

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Interview With Michael Kimani, Chairman of the African ...

Interview With Michael Kimani, Chairman of the African Digital Currency Association

Interview With Michael Kimani, Chairman of the African Digital Currency Association

Helga Danova

Africa is fast emerging as a growth opportunity for cryptocurrency innovation. This has to do with some real challenges that affect the continent. One such challenge has been the lack of financial inclusion with as...

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Bitcoin - Bitcoin Wiki

Basic Concepts


Alice wants to buy the Alpaca socks which Bob has for sale. In return, she must provide something of equal value to Bob. The most efficient way to do this is by using a medium of exchange that Bob accepts which would be classified as currency. Currency makes trade easier by eliminating the need for coincidence of wants required in other systems of trade such as barter....

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Bitcoin mining Firma [Bitcoin wallet / Bitcoin trade]

Generalnie rzecz biorac, bitcoinów - wydobywania i wymieniania oraz kantorów wymiany walut, VAT nie dotyczy.

Tego typu dzialalnosci sa wyjatkami od VATu w UK coinbase buy ltc .  Oto co mówia przepisy w UK:

1. income received from Bitcoin mining activities will generally be outside the scope of VAT on the basis that the activity does not constitute an economic activity for VAT purposes because there is an insufficient link between any services provided and any consideration received;

2. income received by miners for other activities, such as for...

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Introduction to Bitcoin, and the taxation of Bitcoin in India

One of the key aspects of bitcoin is the distributed ledger system called the block chain which controls the peer to peer transactions that happen over the bitcoin network. Any transaction that happens over the bitcoin network is verified by the bitcoin distributed network and is entered into the block chain ensuring the authenticity of transactions.

Since bitcoins are not issued by any central...

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Bitcoin energy boom stamps down colossal carbon footprint ...

Few people use bitcoin to buy anything -- but everyone pays for its environmental impact. Does mining the cryptocurrency actually consume more electricity than Ireland?

For Gold Rush prospectors in 1860s California, profits came before the planet. Money-hungry miners devastated fields and waterways with hydraulic mining technology as they covered fertile farmland with silts and sediments. Forests...

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ZEC Mining | Zcash Mining Rigs

Bitcoin Forum

ZCash takes privacy protection to a whole new level making it attractive for many privacy-minded individuals.

You know all about Bitcoin, but are you aware of ZCash - built on a similar blockchain technology, ZCash offers all the benefits of Bitcoin and more. Fundamentally ZCash is superior from a privacy point of view, but more importantly Zcash is mineable using GPU power, which means that you as an individual can affordably own a ZCash mining rig.

ZEC Mining SA is offering a limited number of individuals the opportunity to own their very own Zcash mining rig.

If you are ready to join the Crypto - Currency...

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Bitcoin Wallet App Development Company - Octal IT Solution LLP

Powerful Bitcoin Mobile App Development for the Powerful Currency

Your next big thing is here now - Bitcoin App Development

While adhering to all the technological concerns, we create the kind of bitcoin wallet mobile apps that your clientele will love to use over and over again. With a high inclination in the density of bitcoin app development services, we take the technology by providing highly...

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What is Bitcoin? - Mine Bitcoin

by vinaygottfried

Bitcoin is a network based digital currency which is created by the network through the process of mining. A bitcoin is not a physical thing, it is just a number associated with a Bitcoin Address and this number can be transferred instantly from one Bitcoin Address to another without any need of central authority, like a bank. This makes it like electronic cash that you can use...

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What is bitcoin gold? Key analysis on the price, hard fork ...

What is bitcoin gold? Key analysis on the price, hard fork, DDoS attack, and how to get BTG



Everything to know about the bitcoin gold fork: Bitcoin price analysis, how to get bitcoin gold, what is the hard fork countdown, and everything else to know about buying or getting the new coins. Julia Tsokur/

Everything to know about the bitcoin gold fork: Bitcoin price...

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What is Bitcoin and how is it used? – NDTV Profit

What is Bitcoin and how is it used?

Virtual currencies, or digital cash, are gaining popularity as a new way to purchase goods or services. They are not regulated or issued by a central bank. The most popular virtual currency is Bitcoin, which soared above $1,000 for the first time on Wednesday.

NDTV | Last Updated: November 29, 2013 12:32 (IST)



Virtual currencies, or digital cash,...

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Date: 2017-12-20 06:14:58

Top graphics cards for GPU mining - MinerGate blog

by admin

Mining is still one of the easiest ways to get cryptocurrencies, although the difficulty is constantly increasing. If you're new to this area, it's worth mentioning that mining has evolved a lot since it was first announced in the Bitcoin white paper. Mining is the process by which a computer solves a complicated mathematical problem in a competition with other nodes in order to validate...

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Blockchain Glossary - Blockchain Technology Guide

Our blockchain technology glossary is a complete blockchain 101 guide to help you understand this new technology by explaining commonly used terms and their meanings. Scroll down to learn more

Distributed ledger technologies could provide a once in a generation opportunity.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Addresses (Cryptocurrency addresses) are used to receive and...

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3 Predictions of Bitcoin's Price in 2020 -- and Why They'll ...

Several respected financial-industry experts have made projections about the future value of bitcoin (BTC/USD), and they have literally ranged from $0 to $1,000,000 .

Continue Reading Below

While there's no way of knowing what will happen with bitcoin over the next few years, it can certainly be fun to speculate. With that in mind, while I don't want to commit to a specific price prediction, here...

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Bitcoin's Price Data In January 2016 |


Bitcoin's 2016 is off to a solid start.

Bitcoin's price opened yesterday (Jan. 3) at�$433.59, which is right around its peak for last week. Bitcoin's price around a month ago was just above $363, but then the digital currency received a relatively solid boost following that. Bitcoin's December peak was on Dec. 15 when it hit $465.50.

While it's early to project what's in store for bitcoin...

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Genesis Mining Promo Code For Mining and Cloud Mining

Ether - try our Genesis Genesis Ethereum Calculator


Monero - here is our Genesis Monero Calculator

Price for Open-ended Bitcoin mining 0.2 TH/s is $30 and for 2 Years Litecoin Mining 2 MH/s cost $28.

In your Genesis-Mining account easily chose the hash power in GH/s or MH/s and amount to invest. You can pay by bitcoins, credit card, litecoin or dogecoin.

More than 1 year of an experience...

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Four years and $100 million later, Bitcoin’s mysterious ...

Bitcoin, the four-year-old virtual currency that approximates cash on the internet , now powers an economy worth more than $1 billion and is widely admired for the technical sophistication that allows it to operate without a central authority. It got its own ticker on CNBC and inspired a legion of startups . And yet, we still don't know where it came from.

Bitcoin was first introduced to the...

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10 Best Sites To Help You Track Bitcoin Exchange Rates ...

The tracker updates in real time, and you can choose the time interval for the main graph, ranging from one minute to one week. Bitcoin Wisdom also has Bitcoin and Litecoin difficulty charts and mining calculators.

3. CoinDesk

CoinDesk's Bitcoin price tracker has both their own Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), which averages the prices from three leading Bitcoin exchanges: Bitfinex, Bitstamp and BTC-e....

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Earn Bitcoins with Bitcointalk Forum by Running Signature ...

Earn Bitcoins with Bitcointalk Forum

Bitcointalk forum is place where you get updates about each and every information about cryptocurrency. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this forum, but is forum run by people for people where every user have opportunity to get reward for contribution to�forum. Forum offers signature campaigns. And signature campaigning is...

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Bitcoin Hack Generator

Bitcoin generator Tool

Hi, are you really need BTC ? So look at this article and you will see how you can get BTC for FREE !

The free bitcoin generator on our site works flawlessly in 2017. We have done our best in creating the generator which functions based on unique algorithms to generate as many bitcoins as you need.

To generate the bitcoins, you must first provide your cryptocurrency...

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Best Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins - CryptosRUs

Do you want to earn free Bitcoins?�

Now before you quit your day job and start planning your next vacation, let's just be clear: you won't get wealthy overnight.� It is not impossible to find some ancient secret that will show you how to earn millions of free Bitcoins just by clicking around on your computer.

However, since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have dramatically risen in value,...

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USI Tech Review - Safe Bitcoin Crypto Mining, Investing ...

USI Tech is the fastest growing automated bitcoin multiplier investing opportunity in 2017.

In a nutshell, the 'essence' of everything United Software Intelligence offers as a bitcoin building business is encapsulated in a boldly declared and candidly promised summary:

"...for 140 working days there is a guaranteed 1% average profit per day return on investment from trading software &...

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How to use a USB Bitcoin Miner?

How to use a USB Bitcoin Miner?

This is a guide on how to mine bitcoins using the USB Block Erupters that we have for sale.

STEP 1: Join a Pool

By joining a mining pool you are working together with other miners and sharing the Bitcoin rewards.� This means you get a more steady flow of small bitcoin payments.� It is a good idea to join several pools that way if one pool goes offline you can...

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Australian Bitcoin mining probably not worth it | Delimiter

Australian Bitcoin miner could make enough money to justify the practice. Well, the results are in: And the answer is: "Most likely not". Agius' conclusion ( we recommend you click through to the whole, fascinating, post on his blog ):

"Even with 20 rigs and rent, I'd make money for 5 months, but after that, would start losing it, and would never make enough in those 5 months to pay back the $28,000 I spent to buy the...

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How to Mine Bitcoin - Best Bitcoin Miners Reviewed - 1st ...

8 HashFlare - Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Best Bitcoin Miner

Here is my list of the best Bitcoin miners. Now you know the criteria I'm using to determine which miners should go in the list, so you probably won't be surprised about my best Bitcoin ASIC miner pick.

The good thing about a list is that if one of the miners is out of stock, you can still consider the others. Some of those are meant for home...

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Samsung Engineers Use Old Samsung Phones To Build A ...

With new models of phones being released every year, customers likely to upgrade as well. This results in older models coming up on websites for sale. After another year has passed, these older models start going obsolete and nobody prefers buying them anymore. This results in them sitting in drawers gathering dust and serving no useful function. Samsung has devised a solution to this problem by using earlier models of their phones as a bitcoin mining rig.

C-Lab, an engineering team from Samsung came up with this stroke of genius as they used 40 Samsung Galaxy S5s to make a bitcoin mining tower. This was presented at the developer...

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Free Monero (XMR) from Monero Faucet!

Get Monero!


Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction is cryptographically secured. Individual accounts have a 25 word mnemonic seed displayed when created, which can be written down to back up the account. Account files are encrypted with a passphrase to ensure they are worthless if stolen.



Monero uses a cryptographically sound system...

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Affordable 12 GPU Mining Rig: Monero, Vertcoin, Bitcoin ...


Affordable 12 GPU Mining Rig: Monero, Vertcoin, Bitcoin Gold & Ethereum

When most people think of mining rigs they think expensive and top of the line video cards. Not all of us can jump right in and start buying the latest and greatest video card, especially in a situation where you want to use 12 of them. After a couple of weeks of research the following is what I decided to go with...

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Date: 2017-12-20 02:17:31

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CryptoMining - Cloud Mining The possibility of mining ...

Remember that all investments in the Crypto currency are risky if you invest carefully ...

link for registration:

Cloud mining


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