OPINION: Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin | IOL ...

With the boom in cryptocurrency values, investors are clamouring to make returns like those experienced by early adopters. As an example, Ethereum ballooned by 5,000% at one point this year.

However, cryptocurrency investing can be confusing. For starters, the term 'cryptocurrency' is misleading as it's not a single currency. There are currently over 900 digital currencies available,...

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Buy Bitcoins With PayPal Online Websites :- BTC with ...

10 Conclusion

How to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal - Working Methods 2017

Before talking about Paypal to Bitcoin exchange, you should have minimum knowledge about Bitcoins. If you're not familiar with bitcoins, you're probably one of the very few people not taking advantage of online trading. Along with other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is a major global means of exchange for trading in binary options...

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Bitcoin, an 'Uber' currency, not without risk

Bitcoin, which this week soared to a new record high of more than $8,000, is the monetary equivalent of Uber, since it bypasses central bank regulation and could be attractive for financially fragile countries, economists say.

Nevertheless, it is precisely the lack of oversight that opens up the users of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to risks and dangers, analysts warn.

"Bitcoin? It's about...

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Payment Processor BitPay To Add Support for Bitcoin Cash ...

BitPay, a popular payment processor since 2011, released a blog post on December 15 stating the company would start accepting payments from multiple blockchains (i.e., different currencies), starting with Bitcoin Cash.

With the rise of Bitcoin in 2017 in terms of user adoption, market capitalization, trading volume, mainstream media, google searches, and so many more metrics, the currency itself...

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Convert Satoshi to USD| BTC |INR (Instantly)

= 1.0000000

What is Satoshi?

The satoshi is currently the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency recorded on the block chain. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). The unit has been...

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Date: 2017-10-20 16:23:59
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Bitcoin Merge Mining Pool

2016-11-14: Merge mining is temporarily disabled, only bitcoins are being mined at the current time.

This bitcoin merged mining pool allows you to merge mine for a number of different bitcoin-derived virtual currencies. The pool provides the Pay Per Share (PPS) method for the alternate merge mined coins and the Double Geometric Method at a 1.5% fee for the bitcoin...

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A Popular Payment App Now Lets Users Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Square Cash

In Brief

Square's Cash app has added new features that allow users to buy and sell bitcoin. Currently, the features are in beta and available to a small number of users, but future updates may add support for easy bitcoin transactions between friends and family members.

Square Supports Bitcoin

Square's Cash app makes it incredibly easy for friends, family members, and co-workers to...

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What Can You Buy with Bitcoin in 2017 - Official MinerGate ...

by admin

Bitcoin is rapidly going mainstream, the price hit another all time high in November 2017, reaching more than $11000 per bitcoin. Many other cryptos and altcoins have also increased in value vastly this year. But what does this mean in the real world? Are cryptocurrencies still mainly for price speculation or investment or can you actually live off only using bitcoin?

Where can I spend...

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Inflation Rate | Bitcoin.com Charts

Annualized rate of increase of Bitcoin money supply

The 21,000,000 bitcoin that will ever exist are created on a fixed and predictable schedule.

Most currency today is inflationary on a politically random and capricious schedule. The United States Federal Reserve, for example, increases the money supply of the U.S. Dollar at its own discretion with an ostensible goal of devaluing the dollar by about 2% every year.

The supply of bitcoin is...

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INR 100 investment in Bitcoin in 2010, now worth INR 2.3 ...

Digital currency Bitcoin has soared over 1000 percent in the current year of 2017, touching an all time high of $10,800 recently.

�The digital currency reached $10,800 mark from $10,000 in a matter of days, ballooning its market capitalization to over $180 billion. This growth has resulted in INR 100 worth of bitcoin in the year 2010 reaching a whopping INR 2.3 crore. in the present time.

In the year 2010, a programmer by the name Laszlo Hanyecz...

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency that was released back in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin uses...

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Bitcoin Basics… What Are Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've certainly heard about Bitcoin. But what exactly is this "cryptocurrency"? And is it worth the hype?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are among those technological disturbances that are interesting on the one hand, but that you almost wish would go away on the other. Not only are cryptocurrencies new, but they're also disruptive. To hear some of their...

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Bitcoin mine in Iceland: photos - Business Insider

Mining is the backbone of bitcoin.

It's the process that creates new bitcoin: For�contributing computing�power to process transactions on the bitcoin network, "miners" are rewarded with a portion of the digital currency.

This payout makes the entire process --�with the right equipment�--�incredibly lucrative. It has helped spawned a huge�and surreal�industry.

You can mine at home,...

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Genesis Ethereum Calculator - Genesis Mining Promo Code

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What is Ethereum

You may not have discovered, but ethereum is under attack. Recently Ethereum became popular by investors. For the very first time, Ethereum provides an alternate.

Ethereum is a new type of law. Like every blockchain, Ethereum also has a peer-to-peer network protocol. Ethereum is among the latest things on earth of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum gets rid of the demand for...

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Netanyahu’s bitcoin forecast puts Israel at center of ...

As digital currencies make historic gains and as the "start-up nation" of Israel emerges as a key player in the blockchain field, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become one of the first world leaders to weigh in on the cryptocurrency phenomenon, placing the country at the center of the global financial technology revolution.

Blockchain--a distributed database where transactions made...

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Now Bitcoin under SEBI lens, beware of ponzi schemes in ...

Modelled on the Initial Public Offers or IPOs for issuance of new shares in the stock market, some entities have begun resorting to ICOs to raise funds from investors, including HNIs and other individuals, who are getting lured into claims of huge returns from bitcoins.

By: FE Online | Published: December 18, 2017 10:20 AM

Sebi has planned to come down heavily on illicit 'initial coin offers.'


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Bitcoin investors could face tax shock - FTAdviser.com

Heightened publicity around the potential profits to be made from bitcoin is likely to lead to HMRC taking action against those reaping the rewards of the cryptocurrency's meteoric rise, according to tax experts.

Bitcoin - a type of electronic currency which works without a central bank or single administrator, in a peer-to-peer network where transactions take place directly between users -...

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Bitcoin investment in Nigeria: facts you should know NAIJ.COM

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network. It is also a new type of currency. You might want to know more information about this new payment. Keep reading and learn about Bitcoin investment in Nigeria.

Bitcoin investment in Nigeria

It is easier to explain what is Bitcoin by saying "Bitcoin is money". Today, it is popular all over the world. A lot of people send money to their relatives, families...

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Bitcoin Calculator for Gold – CoinApps

The Bitcoin Melt Value Calculator for Gold, available below, can figure the total bitcoin value of your gold items, measured by the weight unit of your choice. The bitcoin value is calculated based on the total amount of actual gold content, not including any other metals used if the gold has been alloyed. The gold to bitcoin calculator will only figure the intrinsic metal value of your gold items, and will not show any collectible value.

Use the gold priced in bitcoin calculator to...

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Is Bitcoin worth nothing? Maybe! But that's not stopping it.

What's the value of Bitcoin? I can't tell you that, but I can tell you something equally important: No one knows.�

Not a single person can tell you what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow, in a month, or in ten years. Not the Core development team that's (sort-of) directing the course for the booming cryptocurrency, not those ubiquitous ads that claim you could be earning millions on crypto,...

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Parabolic Coin

When writing an article about the recent move in bitcoin, one should probably not begin by preparing the chart images. Chances are one will have to do it all over again. It is a bit like ordering a cup of coffee in Weimar Germany in early November 1923. One had to pay for it right away, as a cup costing one wheelbarrow of Reichsmark may well end up costing two wheelbarrows of Reichsmark half an...

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How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash: Where to Find BTC ATM Near ...


How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash

It's really easy to learn how to buy bitcoins with cash�because there are so many bitcoin peer-to-peer exchanges. Our P2P bitcoin guide will teach you the best ways to buy bitcoins with cash, so keep reading!

Being the first cryptocurrency in the world, bitcoin is a breath of a fresh air for many people who want to bypass difficulties in currency exchange...

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Bitcoin could threaten financial stability: US Fed ...

Bitcoin could threaten financial stability: US Fed official



Friday Dec 01, 2017

A copy of bitcoin -- standing on a PC motherboard -- is seen in this illustration picture, October 26, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Files

WASHINGTON: Digital currencies like bitcoin could pose a threat to financial stability as they gain wider use, a chief Federal Reserve banking oversight official said...

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Emerging Trends in Blockchain and Bitcoin App Development

Today almost all industrial verticals require bitcoin app developers and bitcoin app development solutions. The solutions affixed with the Blockchain are actually out stepping the prescribed standards and statistics and are quite in very much demand.

By now, the bitcoin app development is ruling the entire payment landscape, and will continue to bloom in 2018 as well. Of late, bitcoin introduced...

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Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine: Central Bank Warning Isn't a ...

Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine: Central Bank Warning Isn't a Ban

Ukraine's�local chapter of the Bitcoin Foundation�has spoken out against a recent statement by the�central bank concerning�the legal status�of bitcoin in the country.

In a� document �issued last month, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)�says�it considers bitcoin "a money substitute that has no real value, and...

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Bitcoin Price Prediction from Notable Investor: $500,000 ...

Bitcoin Price Prediction from Notable Investor: $500,000 by 2030


in: Bitcoin


"How high will Bitcoin go?" is a question that's been speculated since the inception of the cryptocurrency. Here's another speculation from Jeremy Liew, the first investor in Snapchat, as well as Peter Smith, the CEO and founder of Blockchain, who claim $500,000 by 2030 is a reasonable estimation.


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What is Bitcoin Wallet and how to use it - Bitcoin Wiki

Home / Bitcoin Wallet / What is Bitcoin Wallet and how to use it

What is Bitcoin Wallet and how to use it

Admin July 15, 2017 Bitcoin Wallet Leave a comment 644 Views

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Before we dive head-on into usage and working of Bitcoin Wallet.

let us scheme through the basics first.

As Wikipedia defines, Bitcoin is a crypto-currency and a digital payment system. Bitcoin and its derivatives...

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1st Bitcoin Capital

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (OTCmarkets: BITCF)

The first blockchain-focused U.S. Public Company

First Bitcoin Capital is the first Publicly traded company dedicated to bitcoin and blockchain development to enter the lucrative crypto-currency space.

Perkscoin Crowdsale ICO Accepts $1,000,000 of $WEED From BITCF

Press Release

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (OTC PINK: BITCF), the world's most...

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Website: bitcoincapitalcorp.com

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Discovering the Best Bitcoin Miner: Our Top Bitcoin Mining ...

Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet

What is Mining in the Bitcoin world

Because there is no central government that controls Bitcoin's, you may be wondering how they are created, managed or given as a form of currency. Well the creation of new bitcoins is called, "mining."

At a high level mining is the process by which individuals (like yourself) solving complicated math problems, in order to break down...

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Bitcoin Price Index - knoema.com

Launched in September 2013, the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBP) represents an average of bitcoin prices across leading global exchanges that meet criteria specified by the XBP. It is intended to serve as a standard retail price reference for industry participants and accounting professionals.

The criteria for inclusion in the XBP are:

1. USD exchanges must serve an international customer...

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Bitcoin, an 'Uber' currency, not without risk | ABS-CBN News

Bitcoin, which this week soared to a new record high of more than $8,000, is the monetary equivalent of Uber, since it bypasses central bank regulation and could be attractive for financially fragile countries, economists say.

Nevertheless, it is precisely the lack of oversight that opens up the users of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to risks and dangers, analysts warn.

"Bitcoin? It's about...

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Website: http://news.abs-cbn.com

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Bitcoin Price Analysis for 29th May 2017 - Deep Dot Web

Is Bitcoin in a Bubble?

Bitcoin was back in the news this week, after another strong rally to a new all time high of $2760 on May 25, 1430 UCT. Bitcoin continues to prove critics wrong and rope in new investors, speculators, news anchors and traditional wall street money. ABC news Australia had a news segment 3 days in a row, showing Bitcoin alongside gold, brent oil, iron ore and major...

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Bitcoin Surges Above $3000 As Asian Premium Collapses ...

Source: Korbit

It seems the gains in dollar-Bitcoin-exchanges vs non-dollar-Bitcoin-exchanges have helped the former in lieu of the latter (as arbs appears), and as CoinTelegraph notes the factors behind the extreme premium rates are starting to fade.

South Korea and Japan's extreme premium rates did not dematerialize overnight. It began with the stabilization of the Chinese market and the...

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Date: 2017-12-20 04:25:54
Website: zerohedge.com

Ripple Coin Mining Profit Calculator Gaiden Walkthrough

Bitcoin doesn'& #39; t have a main government. With Bitcoin, miners use special software application to fix math issues as well as are provided a particular number of bitcoins in exchange. This offers a smart method to issue the currency as well as develops a motivation for even more people to mine. You have to be a popular player in bitcoin market if you are continuously purchasing bitcoin. When...

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Buy/Sell Bitcoin or BTC-e Dollars in Pakistan - Pay Exchanger

Buy/Sell Bitcoin or BTC-e Dollars in Pakistan

May 11, 2015


Here on Pay Exchanger we offer Bitcoin Exchange service, so you can easily buy or sell your BTC from Pakistan or any other country. In case you don't already know, Bitcoin (BTC) is Crypto-Currency which can be used to buy things online, trade, investment or anything which you can do with other currencies like USD, PKR...

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Website: https://www.payexchanger.com

From 2017, Bitcoin And Other Digital Currency Will No ...

As part of its push to foster innovation and fintech startup businesses in Australia, the government's 2017 Federal Budget will cut the GST for purchases of digital currency, allowing Bitcoin and online games' in-game money to be treated just like plain Australian dollars for tax purposes.

At the moment, anyone purchasing a digital currency in Australia is technically liable for GST expenses on...

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Website: https://www.gizmodo.com.au

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Bitcoin Has Seen An Insane $3000 Rise In Value Over Past ...

You only have to open a web browser to be bombarded with news and commentary about Bitcoin these days, and with good reason - the value of Bitcoin is currently the very epitome of volatile.

We won't tell you how much a Bitcoin is worth right now because, frankly, by the time we hit publish on this post, it will be wrong. The value of Bitcoin is increasing at alarming rates, with around $3,000 added in the last 24 hours alone. After the launch of the cryptocurrency saw it take a couple of years to be worth just $1, we now see values in excess of $17,000 as of this...

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Date: 2018-01-11 17:04:40
Website: http://www.redmondpie.com

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Pay with Bitcoin: 10 of the most interesting places to spend ...

Image: FirelightKauai/Etsy

It still takes some searching to find places to spend your Bitcoin, but the list is growing. From sports teams to gift card retailers to online outlets, more and more shops are partnering with sites like Coinbase and other digital wallets to make it easier for people to spend their cryptocurrency.

Restaurants and other types of brick-and-mortar businesses are starting...

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Bitcoin — Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM

Coin Cloud is a bitcoin ATM company pioneering compliance and convenience. Find a location near you.

Contact us if you are interested in bringing bitcoin to your retail location.

New to bitcoin? Coin Cloud is here to help. Email us any question info@coincloudnv.com

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto....

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Date: 2018-01-11 20:44:45
Website: http://www.coincloudatm.com

Bitcoin Vs. Gold | Future Money Trends

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, a competitor of all centrally controlled fiat currencies, like the U.S. dollar.

Gold is money. It's the final destination, a tangible, physical asset whose real value is that it is money. This is something central planners have desperately tried to get people to forget.

Bitcoin is still in the Wild West compared to boring old gold that you place in a vault or...

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Website: https://www.futuremoneytrends.com

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8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Digital Wallets


Digital wallets are billed in most tech circles as the future of real-world payment technologies.

With major players like Google, Apple, Paypal and others jumping on the bandwagon Everything You Need to Know about Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay Everything You Need to Know about Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay�all have their...

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Bitcoin Debit Cards from Unichange.me

Plastic and Virtual cards limits

There are no limits for POS transactions for both verified and unverified users. However, there are some standard usage limits.

*Every new card holder has Unverified status in the system of the card issuer. Once you decide to extend card limits, please, submit verification documents in the card issuer system to get verified.

Value of ATM withdrawal per...

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Website: https://unichange.me

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum - One Month

Every 10 to 20 seconds

Amount of new token at issuance

12.5 at the moment. Half at every 210,000 blocks

5 per every new block


Used for purchasing goods and services, as well as storing value (much like how we currently use gold).�

Used for making dApps (decentralized apps) on the Ethereum blockchain.�


Around $17,500 at the moment

Around $800 at the moment


A new currency...

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Website: https://learn.onemonth.com

It’s All About Bitcoin - PdfSR.com

International Journal ofEngineering, Ma nagement &Sciences (IJEMS)

ISSN-2348 -3733, Volume-2,Issue-5, May 2015

51 www.alliedjournals.com

Abstract-- It's all about Bitcoin.....Why it's all about

Bitcoin? What is the use of Bitcoin? Is it secure? Can Bitcoin be

hacked? Even I did not know the answers of all these questions

before joining Unocoin.

On 20 November 2014,I got a call from my...

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Website: http://pdfsr.com

Best place to buy bitcoins uk reddit - What is happening ...

BBC - Future - Bitcoin and the illusion of money

If you want to deposit dollars or euro then you WILL have to verify your ID.After clicking on verify, you will be shown the next screen where you have to enter the 6 digit verification code which you must received on your mobile number as mentioned above, then click on verify.Each user has unique needs, so there is no one size fits all for...

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Website: http://airarabiaonlinebooking.info

How to Remove the Bitcoin Virus | Fix My PC FREE

What is the Bitcoin virus? And how does it work?

Bitcoin virus also known as Bitcoin miner, is a Trojan horse that invades devices in order to get bitcoins using the computer's CPU and GPU. Its main purpose is to make money illegally. If you haven't heard of Bitcoins, well Bitcoins is a virtual currency which appeared in 2008 but hasn't gained its popularity until 2011. Right now, this virtual...

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Website: https://www.fixmypcfree.com

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Income tax department surveys bitcoin exchanges - Livemint

The income tax department's survey on bitcoin exchanges was undertaken to secure information about transactions, parties involved and bank accounts used

Last Published: Thu, Dec 14 2017. 01 18 AM IST

Gireesh Chandra Prasad Vivina Vishwanathan Remya Nair

The survey was part of the authority's broader efforts to profile and scrutinize assessees who pose a risk of tax evasion.Photo: AFP


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Date: 2018-01-11 22:13:41
Website: http://www.livemint.com

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Bitcoin Debit Card Comparison - +Bitcoin | Bitcoin Tips ...

Search for:

Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin debit card gives you the option to convert bitcoins to cash which you can withdraw at ATM or use it for shopping. Bitcoin debit card is connecting the virtual and real world. By bringing together a widely accepted traditional form of payment in the online and offline space, and bitcoin, a new digital currency, the debit card comes to life. In the world of...

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Website: plusbitcoin.net

Is Litecoin the next Bitcoin? | The Daily Dot

Just when you were getting used to the idea of Bitcoin there's a new virtual currency you should know about.

What would you think if I told you you could pay your bills and buy a condo using money which is nothing more than a strip of numbers and is backed and recognized by no country under the sun? That's the idea behind Bitcoin , the virtual currency that was once only whispered about around...

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Website: https://www.dailydot.com

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Why Jamie Dimon Thinks Bitcoin Is a Fraud - Market Realist

The demand for bitcoin is rising rapidly. The cryptocurrency is gradually being accepted by various investors and market participants. The virtual currency works without any central administrator or repository.

Interested in DXJ? Don't miss the next report.

Sign Up

Receive e-mail alerts for new research on DXJ

Success! You are now receiving e-mail alerts for new research. A temporary password for...

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Date: 2017-12-20 01:09:36
Website: http://marketrealist.com

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