Ocupy.net # What Is Bitcoin?

Ocupy.net presents: What is Bitcoin?



▶ Bitcoin related charts: https://blockchain.info/en/charts

▶ Bitcoin official homepage: https://bitcoin.org/

▶ Ocupy.net official homepage: https://ocupy.net/

▶ Bitcoin Wiki: https://en.bitcoin.it


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How to create a bitcoin wallet on blockchain.info

This short video explains how to create a bitcoin wallet on blockchain.info and how to send and receive bitcoin on the platform.

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Bitcoin Whiteboard Tuesday - Bitcoin Mining and the Blockchain

Today's video is all about Bitcoin mining and the blockchain. Our video tutorials are delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner even if you're totally new to Bitcoin! For more information visit


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Bitcoin 101: Bitcoin and Blockchain explained

UWE, NEMODE, Oxford Media Crypto Currencies Workshop - Bitcoin 101. World experts explain crypto currency and blockchain to an audience of business people and academics. The event was held to raise awareness of Blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the applications of the technology. Discussion covers many interesting questions and answers are provided by leading experts. The event was organised by Oxford Technology and Media with Dr Richard Adams of University of the West of England (UWE)....

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bitcoin mega mining software

Are you thinking of joining the Bitcoin mining universe? In case you don’t know, you can mine on your own PC or a pool then download software:


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Wikileaks Recent Communications via the Bitcoin Blockchain

There is a real possibility that the Wikileaks bitcoin address is compromised. What is mathematically plausible is that somebody did try to communicate to Wikileaks very recently using the bitcoin blockchain. Remember, Wikileaks have used the blockchain before to communicate. If you are quick to dismiss what could be stored or encoded in these messages you could miss something important.

Sending messages on the bitcoin blockchain is an excellent way to send a message as it is time-stamped,...

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How to set up a bitcoin wallet create a bitcoin wallet on Blockchain info

Simple steps to create your first bitcoin wallet online using Blockchain.info, which is one of my preferred online wallets and more secure and private than coinbase or others.


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get free $10 in bitcoins when you purchase $100 via coinbase here


Coinbase is good for buying Btcoin via your bank or credit card... but i...

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Jeffrey Tucker | Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained

Everyone's talking about Bitcoin and blockchain, but who understands how it really works? Libertarian writer Jeffrey Tucker does, and he sat down with Matt Kibbe to explain the enormous implications of this new technology.

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Common Misconceptions About Blockchain and Bitcoin



Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Learn the key elements of Blockchain and Bitcoin in this bestselling video course and accompanying PDF glossary.

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BlockChain Wallet in Tamil | தமிழ் | Bitcoin Wallet in Tamil

BlockChain Wallet in Tamil | தமிழ் | Bitcoin Wallet in Tamil | Full explanation of blockchain Wallent in Tamil

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